• When: 04/20/17
  • QIC: Wall-E
  • The PAX: Duckie, Chopshop, Boo Boo, Billy Bob, Pinkman, Garnish, McNugget, Heidi

I was gonna go back to bed, but then I got high

Conditions:  Maybe 60something and muggy-ish


In honor of 4/20, YHC wanted to get high with the PAX.  Tried to come up with as many related exercises as possible.

SSH X 25, 4CT IC
Jump Squats x 25(YHC didnt realize this would smoke the legs so early on in the workout, but we pressed through)

Mosey down to the bottom of Briarfield.  Next up was multiple rounds of “huff, puff, pass”.  PAX partnered up and one partner ran to the top of the hill and back while the other did the following then switched:


-Sweat Angels(Like side straddle hops but laying on the ground on your back)


-Sweat angels

-Carolina Dry docks

From there we moseyed back up to the top of Briarfield for 25 merkins.  Moseyed over to the play ground for 100 box jumps, 100 iron cross, and 50 pullups.

With around 12 mins left to go, we headed to the wall for some specialized wall sits.  I’m gonna call em rolling some fatties.  While in wall sit position and arm length appart, little baby arm circles forwards, backwards, out in front, and over the head.  Moseyed back to the COT with a few minutes to spare and did another round of sweat angels(they were apparently quite popular so I figured I’d oblige with some more) and another round of jump squats to finish.

BOM courtesy of Chopshop

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