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Governor’s Cup Half Marathon Training – 10 Mile Pre-Blast – 10/05

It’s October and the double digits are upon us.  Every weekend this month we will have a run exceeding 10 miles before the taper back down in preparation for the Governors Cup itself.  This is not the time to bypass the distance.  Vince Lombardi once said, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”  Do you have the will to succeed?  The distance, though difficult, will soon become less a physical challenge than a mental struggle to persevere.  Run the miles, yes to strengthen your body, but more so to test your will to persevere.

The Thang:

This week’s route has options because this weekend is unlike most.  Saturday morning coincides with the Walk for Life which includes options for a walk but also a 5K and 10K run.  Many have voiced interest in participating in the event either with their family or individually.  Therefore, two routes are provided below… one ending back at DHS as has been the case in previous weeks and a second course ending at Finlay Park, the starting point of the Walk for Life.  For registration details contact Kim Jung or Costanza or simply go to the Walk for Life Web Site.

DHS to DHS Governors Cup Route:


From Dreher, head north on Adger to Devereax and Turn Right.  Follow Devereax across Kilbourne and Beltline all the way down to Rickenbaker Road where you’ll turn left and then left again onto Kilbourne.  This is where the run of the morning joins the Governors Cup route and, well, it’s not a pleasant spot to enter the course.  Take Kilbourne uphill all the way around the curve crossing Beltline again, Devereax and Devine before turning right on Wheat Street.  Remain on Wheat to the right turn on King and a left again on Devine to head into Five Points.  Go through Five Points to Blossom and onward to the Right Turn up Sumter Street.  This is the first time you will get to enjoy both major hills of the course.

Proceed up Sumter, past the USC horseshoe and then past Trinity Cathedral.  Note the water station plans below and the potential game-time instructions on its location.

The Turn Right on Gervais following it all the way to the Right Turn on Millwood.  Turn Right again on Maple and cross Devine and Wheat Street before turning Left on Duncan Street.  You’re almost home.  Run just a few more blocks to the zigzag and on to a Left Turn on Ott Road for the home stretch back to Millwood Avenue.  The 10 mile distance, according to MapMyRun ends just before Devine but go ahead and run to Hollywood Squares to make sure it’s official.

DHS to Finlay Park for the Walk for Life Route:


The Walk for Life alternative route starts off the same way as the DHS to DHS route above, at the same time and with the same two major course hills included.  Where they diverge is on Gervais near where the right turn on Millwood takes the normal Governors Cup course toward Shandon and DHS.  Instead, the blue Walk for Life route above Turns Left one short block before Millwood Avenue on Heidt Street and Left again on Taylor Street there between Benedict and Allen University.

Continue down Taylor Street back to Sumter Street and Turn Right to hop up two blocks and turn left again on Laurel Street.  Laurel will take you around the uphill side of Finlay Park for a downhill finale on Gadsden Street to the Corner of Gadsden and Taylor where the 10 mile route ends and the Walk for Life course begins.

Obviously if you choose the Walk for Life option, you’ll end up a solid four or five miles away from the car you left at DHS.  I hope you brought bus fare…  Seriously, though, there are several people who specifically want to get down to Finlay Park in order to walk with their families and that presumes a second car in the family will be there to cart you back to DHS.  If that’s not the case for you, make some sort of plans to get back to Dreher.  Again, Costanza and Kim Jung should have a good idea of who’s taking on this #DoubleDown for a worthy cause and can probably shove you in a vehicle if necessary… but don’t count on it without getting in touch.

Because our distance is up and because several people want to make it to the Walk for Life before it actually starts, we’re starting Saturday morning at 6:30.  An 8:30 pace puts you back at DHS five minutes before the convergence COT or 35 minutes before the Walk for Life starts at 8:30.  Same day Walk registration ends at 8:30 but the 5K and 10K Race registration ends at 8:05 so make sure you’re there in time if you haven’t pre-registered.

Again, if you’re going to run the Sunday option, perhaps to allow better for the Walk for Life or perhaps for other reasons, please let others know.  We continue to need an alternative to the Saturday morning session so get organized and run together.

Last, this week we will again be placing a water station but this time we don’t have a resident runner on the course willing to set up a cooler.  Instead, we’re going to place a white disposable cooler at Trinity Cathedral near the corner of Senate Street and Sumter.  That’s near the 6.5 mile mark but we’re not exactly sure where it would be appropriate to leave a cooler for a couple hours on a Saturday.  Therefore, the exact placement will be shared on Saturday morning before the group heads out.  If you plan on starting well in advance of 6:30, contact me directly and I’ll make sure to tweet or text the exact spot to the early runners.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Chaser, Subprime or myself ([email protected]) and we’ll try to clarify any lingering details.



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