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Foxes and Fartleks (aka Tropical Storm my A**)

Only 2 brave souls ignored the weather forecast and showed up for the Friday Amble.  We were greeted in the parking lot by the biggest fox I have ever seen.. It hung around despite Cesspool pulling into the parking lot and trotted off casually into the night #coolnatureintheearlygloom.

Weather:  Light drizzle and at 66 degrees.. Weather Forecasting is definitely more art than science…. bottom line was great weather for some hilly fartleks.

The tiny pax did not let numbers dissuade us from hitting it hard.  While Friday is often a long run… we made a command decision to get the heart rate up and the blood pumping.  I was especially happy that Cesspool fitness level allowed for plenty of chatter during the recovery periods.  If you have any questions about Cesspool…. just ask me… we had time for his whole history. #chatterengaged

The Thang: Half mile warm up Sprint .2 mile hill (steep), run recover, Sprint .3 mile hill (less steep) Repeato X3 with a 3/4 mile cool down at the end.

Simple, Fast (30 min), and painful… VO2 Max hit early and often.

Cesspool was a great running buddy and only made me feel inferior toward the end of the sprints when he left me in the dust.  #Citadel Strong

If you haven’t been out to Amble yet… you have to give it a try.  The only way to get faster.. is to run faster.

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