• When: 04/22/17
  • QIC: Wild Turkey / JRR Tolkien / Tuck
  • The PAX: F3 Nation

Final PreBlast: F3 BROlympics

If you like information then you are going to love this preblast.

The excitement is palpable in the BROlympic village as we stand less than 36 hours from the 2017 F3 BROlympics opening ceremonies.  The event Q’s have gone to great lengths to guarantee that this will be a #csaup to remember.  In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, here are the details.

What: 10 individual events developed to test strength, speed, stamina, physical toughness and mental toughness.  Participation in each event is optional.  A point system will be used to determine an overall champion, with the top three competitors receiving awards.

When: Saturday, April 22nd 2017, 0600 – 0800

Where: Community House Middle School track (9500 Community House Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277)

Who: All men of F3, regardless of region


  • 0530-0600: Check-in and warm-up (there is not an extensive group warmup due to time constraints, so arrive early to get sufficiently loose)
  • 0600-0610: Instructions, Parade of Nations (F3 Nation), COP, Invocation
  • 0610-0630: 1 Mile (2 heats)
  • 0640-0700: 100m Prelims (OYO)
  • 0715-0720: 100m Final
  • 0730-0750: The Phlegethon (2 heats)
  • *0610-0750*: Open Stations OYO
  • 0750-0755: Official Scorer results tabulation
  • 0755-0800: Closing Ceremonies: Awards, Name-o-Rama, BOM

Events (Revised):

  • 1 Mile (2 heats)
  • 100 Meters
    • Preliminary heat is run OYO
    • Top 8 competitors compete in Final head-to-head heat
  • Max Burpees in 2 Minutes
    • Chest to ground / Feet clear ground / Arms overhead
  • Football Throw for Distance
    • 2 attempts per PAX
  • Keg Toss
    • 2 attemps per PAX
    • Enter throwing circle under control
    • Throw keg w/out leaving circle
  • Max Kettlebell Snatches in 2 Minutes
    • Arm lock extension
    • Switch arms as necessary
  • Max Sit-ups in 2 Minutes
    • Partner holds feet / hands behind head / knees bent
    • Elbows touch knees and shoulders touch ground on each rep
  • Max 135 lb Bench Press
    • No time limit, but once initiated cannot rest the bar on the rack or chest
    • Head/shoulders/butt on bench, feet on ground
    • At least 1 forefinger in contact w/ “power ring” on bar
    • Bar must touch chest / arm lock extension
  • Max Tire Flips in 90 Seconds
  • *The Phlygethon (medley event with 1 minute plank, 100 meter sprint, 20 burpees, bear crawl to opposite side of track, 40 single-arm kettlebell swings, 400 meter kettlebell carry to finish)

* A “river of boiling blood and fire” in the 7th circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno.


In each event, first place receives 100 points, second receives 95, and it continues to fall by 5 points through fifth place, which is worth 80 points.  From sixth to 20th place, the drop is 2 points: sixth is worth 78 points, seventh is 76, and so on.  Then from 21st place on, the drop is 1 point: 21st gets 49 points, 22nd gets 48, etc.  This means that participating in an event guarantees you points, and skipping means leaving points on the table.

During the awards ceremony the top three competitors in each event will be announced, as well as the top “respect” competitor in each event.  The three competitors with the most total points will bring home the hardware.

What to Bring:

  • Shovel flags
  • Any 40-50 lb kettlebells that you have
  • Watch/Phone to time yourself and your partner
  • Water (we will also have some on site)
  • Old workout gear / F3 shirts for the F3 PAX that live at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.  These guys MUCH appreciate our donations and truly wear them with PRIDE.

Event Map:

The Phlegethon:


See ya bros!


1 thought on “Final PreBlast: F3 BROlympics”

  1. Update: Weather tomorrow should be great in low 60s! We will have many regions represented, even as far as Columbia. Event Q’s have gone through all the details meticulously to make this event a success, and hope you will join us to participate in some or all of the events, cheer or your fellow F3 brothers, or volunteer. This event is great for both 1st F and 2nd F whichever you want to make it. Hope to see many of you there!

    Event starts promptly at 6am so arrive early for your own warmup, and being used workout clothes for Charlotte Rescue Mission if you have them!

    ~JRR Tolkien

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