• When: 02/17/17
  • QIC: Beads
  • The PAX: LoveBug, Pele, Ball Boy, Woody, Schweddy, Stewardess, Falout, Noonan, SisterWife, PC, Biggie Smalls, Red Light, Pretty Boy, Cutler, Big Time, Beads

Dreher Loop de loop

There is nothing better at Amble than getting done early and flying out the parking lot past the boys of Iron Yard on the way to Eggs Up Grill for some extra coffee time. Now I know why Ramble is always in such a hurry. YHC decided to continue the Fast Friday tradition, while at the same time creating a route very easy for beginners and those at all pace levels. Although we didn’t have many beginners today, we definitely had some speed from all of the pax.

The Thang:

Today’s route was a series of three big loops and three small. Clockwise on Logo’s Loop (the blocks immediately surrounding Dreher) followed by a mini loop in the parking lot before changing direction for the next loop. Loop 1 was a warmup, 2 was designed to be run at 5k or sub 5k pace, and a cool down for loop 3 to catch your breath. I was hoping we would get at least 1 mile PR from the 16 pax today and I was not disappointed.

For a group of guys used to running 9:00 – 9:30 pace, all of the pax put up some impressive 2nd miles, with Schweddy, Biggie Smalls, and YHC obtaining mile PRs, and Fallout getting his 3rd best mile. Amble has really grown over the last year and it is great seeing so many guys consistently show up to this AO.

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