• When: 1/5/13
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Mississippi, Lambchop, Beamer, Coach, Luke, Woody, Stent, Heartbreaker, Mel, Checker, Stegman, Sled, Noodle, Tajh, Robber, Mission, Boss Hogg (WD), Apple (WB), Spud, Tugger, Logo, Sway

Dredd is Coming.

22 veteran faithful gathered around the shovel flag and entered the frigid Columbia gloom for a bricks and blocks pain session. Dredd is coming, and we must be prepared.

Conditions: Clear and cold. 33 degrees with no wind.

The Thang:

Warmup lap around DHS, then jog to upper field (lower field closed for fertilizing).

CDD x10
SSH x30
IW x25
Merkins x10
Butt Kicks x15
High Knees x15
Wide Merkins x10
LBC x15
Peter Parker’s x10
Mountain Climbers c10
LAC x15 each

Strings of Fire:
Merkins x10, LBC x10, Squats x10, sprint. Repeat x5

Jog to Heartbreaker’s Brickpile – Blocks:
Calf Raises x15 each
Curls x15
Triceps x10
Goblet Squats x15
Russian Twist x10
Rows x15
Grips and carries
Block bench press x15
Pick em up, Put em Down x10

Run to Tennis Courts:
Ski Hops x15
Log Jumps x15
Tajh’s Suicides (from the fence every line) x2
Burpees x5

Run back to Brickpile – Red Bricks:
Backward Lunges x10 each
Swings x15
Side lunge press x10
Flys x15

Run to upper field for no rest Mary:
LBC x10
Rosy x10
Freddie x 10
Dolly x15
Low Flutter x10
Cobra stretch

Run to Hollywood Squares



  • 22 pax was the largest group in a while (1 shy of the Columbia record). Kotters to Stegman, Boss Hogg, Luke, Checker coming back from injury/illness/extended absence. Sorry if I missed someone.
  • Kotters also to Tugger who’s back after his 3-week-on rotation on the tug boat.
  • Large contingent also at the Thicket for the second F.
  • Dredd coming January 19th – large crown anticipated.
  • “Dabo” added to the lexicon: “a random, exuberant cry intended to rally the faithful, like a cheerleader.”
  • Contact has been made with the Dreher High School administration regarding a service project and the erection of a pull-up bar station in the AO.
  • This was the first time we tried strings of fire (or at least a variation). With the big field closed, we did the best we could in the space available.

Prayer request: Please help us with thoughts and prayers for Roscoe and his family. Roscoe’s nephew Rikard Best, 21, has been battling a rare liver cancer for two years and this week received news of a setback.

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  1. Aye Brother. @OBT and I will be pointing the #Minivan #SouthOfBallantyne in two weeks. I’ll be bringing the heat Brother, so you don’t have to make any more comments about the size of my head to get me motivated. It is, however, rather (ahem) large. #DefenseOfTruth

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