• When: 1/8/13
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Stent, Mule (WB), Robber, Padre, Logo, Roscoe, Checker, Noodle, Sway, Luke, Nap, Sled (WD), Woody

To Boldly Go…

A baker’s dozen gathered ’round the shovel flag for some midweek pain. Asking for volunteers and hearing none, Sway took the lead to seek out and explore new ground.

Conditions: 44 degrees, overcast, breezy

The Thang:

SSH x25
IW x15
LBC x15
Merkins x10

Logo’s Loop (modified):
DHS/Daly/Devereaux/Adger/Millwood/DHS – 15 merkins at turns, stop at Adger, down left to the Berkley hill

Jacobs Ladder x7

Complete Logo’s Loop, +15 extra Merkins at Adger

LBC x15
Freddie x15
Dolly x15
Rosie x15
Giggling Nibblers x10 each
Hip rocks x15
Low Flutter x15
Diamond Merkins x10
Cobra Stretch

People’s Chair, hands overhead on wall x:60



  • The hill at Berkley is new territory. It’s a little far from our traditional AO, but it’s a good hill and worth the extra time to get there.
  • A silent shout out in homage was given to CR’s mother – the bottom of the hill is directly in front of her home. Had she looked outside, she would have understood, and she would be proud.
  • Mule asked for thoughts and prayers this morning for the students of DHS.
  • The purchase of a new alarm clock for Padre was approved.

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