• When: 01/03/13
  • QIC: Logo
  • The PAX: Logo (QIC), Tonto (War Baby), Nap, Noodle, Roscoe, Mission, Padre, Sway, Woody, Sled (FNG and War Daddy -Jim Davis), Mel, Tajh, Robber, Stent

Tomatoes in the Rain


One of the things that makes F3 so different from every other “program” I have tried, is that excuses fall apart when you know your brothers are going to ask where you were this morning.  And let’s face it, no matter what excuse you come up with not to exercise (cold, rainy, fatigued, sore, sleep deprived, jock strap in dirty laundry)….. it sounds pathetic and completely falls apart when you try to say it out loud to your F3 nation brethren (or even your wife if she is like mine).  This was my morning:

  •  5:05:00  Alarm sounds
  • 5:05:30   Punch from wife
  • 5:05:45   Alarm turned off
  • 5:06:00   Listen to the rain rolling off the roof.
  • 5:06:15    REM sleep re-engaged
  • 5:40:00  Wife: It’s 5:40, aren’t you going?
  •                       Me:  No, I think I need a day off.  (Weak excuse but hoping it will pass)
  •                     Wife: Ahhh-hhh (not sympathetically… but like you poor injured helpless baby)
  •                        Me: #%(*#&$(*&#$ (#…..this was said in my head and yes, I tend to be pissy on wakeup.
  • 5:41:00       While I stew about my injured pride and commit to not being baited by my wife… I realize that Logo is leading for the first time today and I can’t stand to miss that… better late than never.

Conditions: Light Drizzle, 49 degrees, no wind.

The Thang

Run: exterior campus loop (1mile) with 5 Burpees at each right turn. DHS to Daly/Devereaux/Adger/Millwood/DHS (are you sure there are only 4 corners in a square?)


  • SSH x35
  • LBC x15
  • Merkins x10
  • Rosalita x10
  • Diamond Merkins x10
  • Boat/Canoe x3
  • Wide Merkins x10
  • Russian Twist x10

 Run:  exterior loop again (1mile), same route but 15 Merkins at right turns.


  • SSH x20
  • LBC x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Dolly x10
  • Wide Merkins x10
  • Freddie x10
  • Partner Leg Throws 10 each
  • Diamond Merkins x10
  • Lunge Walk
  • Merkins x10
  • Lunge Walk
  • Merkins x10
  •  LBC x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Cobra Stretch
  • Boat/Canoe x3
  • Wide Merkins x10


 Ball of Man – Mission led Prayer


Nice work by Logo with his first time at the helm. The runs were a good change of pace and the Columbia QIC’s keep finding ways to keep the workouts fresh and challenging.

We had two Tomatoes emerge from the gloom during the Burpee mile and one joined the PAX back to the school and did the first set up SSH’s in the COP.  She then ran back into the gloom, possibly mistaking the PAX’s inability to talk for snobbery.  If the tomato by some miracle reads this…. we are not rude… we just need to improve our fitness level in order to carry on polite conversation.

The rest of the story:  After getting up, dressing, shot of coffee, morning constitutional, drive to Dreher.. I arrived just in time for the 2nd mile. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I stayed after to complete the first part of the workout that I missed….. and it REALLY sucked.  Which leads me to another thing I love about F3…. It sucked because I was by myself, it sucked because I did not have anyone to rag on, it sucked because I did not have anyone pushing me, it sucked because no one wants to go into battle alone even if it is only a battle with ourselves.  It was a reminder, once again that I could never push myself alone as hard as I do with my fellow PAX and certainly not with a smile on my face.  Aye.

0 thoughts on “Tomatoes in the Rain”

  1. Mission, I’m not surprised in MMission’s “Ahhh-hhh (not sympathetically… but like you poor injured helpless baby)” response. It’s always fun to get EH’d by your M from the fartsack!

    Strong to gut out the LIFO’d part on your own. I imagine it will help you get both feet on the floor a little earlier next time. The second F is a strong one!

    I look forward to visiting the Columbia Pax on my next trip down.

  2. …”no one wants to go into battle alone even if it is only a battle with ourselves.” That line’s a keeper. Great backblast. Bleat. Aye!

  3. Goat was talking about this post at lunch today. I’m glad I read it! I’ve always wondered what to do if a Tomato roles up into a COP? What is proper form? The key take away from the post is that you GOT UP! #accountability

    1. Thanks for the comments GG and Friday. As to the tomato question… this likely should be addressed at the board level!

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