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DEKA Training

AO: Down_Range
Q: Bayou
PAX: Bayou
FNGs: None
WARMUP: – 3 Rounds
– 5 Hurdle Over/Under
– 20 Freddie Mercuries
– 20m Run
– 20 LBAC
– 20 steps quick feet

Foundations 30:15 x 4)
DB Gorilla Shuffles (30-30-45-55) x 2
Med Ball Rotational Wall Slams x 2
Assault Bike x 2
Bilateral Dead Bugs x 2
Box Jumps x 2
Med Ball Slams x 2

Train (60::30 x 2 Rounds)
60 sec row
60 sec fiddle crab pull throughs

35cal Assault Bike
25 Med Ball Situps
100m 60lb Farmers Carry
500m Row
100m Sled Push/Pull
20 50lb Med Ball Shoulder Throw
20 Core Bag Burpees

– 15 min Steam Room

5/13 – Sandlot Bootcamp, 6:30; Runt (Q.)
5/20 – Mount Mitchell Hike
5/27 – NE Convergence??
5/29 – The Murph, Starbucks
6/24 – DEKA Fit – Charlotte


4 things God wants you to know this Friday.
1. Better days are coming for you and your family.
2. God is about to WOW you. He’s going above and beyond what you asked.
3. God is about to open a door for you that you didn’t even knock on. The blessings you are about to receive is going to blow your mind!
4. God has already planned your epic
COMEBACK! Get ready for the celebration, in Jesus’ name!

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