• When: 2020-01-30
  • QIC: BooBoo
  • The PAX: Detour, Gut Bomb, Bindi, Cabana Boy, Zima

Deal ’em up!

Six men showed up willing to play the hands they were dealt for Hammer’s traditional monthly game of Dealer’s Choice.

BooBoo: Fetch blocks and perform 25 Blockees OYO, 20 BBSU OYO

Bindi: Leave blocks behind for a lap around Ila loop, return to blocks for 25 Curls OYO, 20 Overhead Press OYO, 15 Iron Cross OYO,

Zima: Leave blocks, Mosey to corner of Ila Rd, 20 Squats OYO, 20 Lunges OYO, 15 Jump Squats OYO, 10 Squats OYO, 10 lunges OYO

Detour: mosey back to Satchel Ford Rd, 20 LBAC Fwd IC, 20 LBAC Rev IC, 20 Overhead Claps IC, 20 flutterkicks IC, 15 4-ct Merkins IC

Cabana Boy: Mosey to playground, 10 Pull-ups, 30 Box Jumps

Gut Bomb: 10 SSH IC for USN, 10 Merkins IC for USMC, mosey to Briarfield Rd.

BooBoo: 20 American Hammers OYO

Bindi: Superman/Mission Impossible, 10 Hello Dolly IC seated on block

Zima: 15 Imperial Walker IC, 15 Frenkenstein IC

Detour: 10 incline Merkins, return blocks overhead, 10 Merkins OYO

BOM: Apple still needs P200 participants. Prayers for Nanny and Joe.

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