• When: 2020-01-31
  • QIC: Olive Oil
  • The PAX: Casio, Double Fault, Cheddar, McChicken, Sweet Tart, Penny Stock, Steel Toe, Pothole, Watergate, Lap Dog, The Don, Booster, Pinot, Casio, Puppy Love, Pepto, Chop Block, and YHC

You wanted redemption!!!

The weather – mid to high 30’s.  Usual for late January.

Per the usual, we do the highlights of the fun we had a Clash.  YHC was pretty pumped to see 18 PAX out there to brave the cold this morning.  You forget about the cold after about 10 minutes of running….unless you are Pepto and takes off his sweatshirt to leave on just a t-shirt.  Not sure if that was trying to prove he is tougher than Chop Block….but I can not say it helped his frisbee game. I will say with the large number, it was a little harder to remember who did what….and I know that I probably missed some great plays too.  But on to the good stuff!!!


  1.  With the larger number, we ended up pushing the goals back after the first few scores.  Not that it is a highlight itself, but there was a whole lot more running than usual.  And with the longer field, there were a number of shots (“cough” passes “cough”) were made from thirty-ish yards out and on a laser.  I know that McChicken had a few, Steel Toe had one, and the ever shooting Chop Block threw one in as well.  There were a couple of close calls….even going off the top of the crossbar.  We will blame it on the cold.
  2. Of course with more PAX, the windows were that much smaller.  And it was because of some excellent defense.  We always can point to Booster, Casio and Pinot bringing the pain, but the biggest deflection was on the Double Fault shot on goal that was blocked by Sweet Tart.  The bad part is that they were on the same team.
  3. Not sure if you can really count this as a highlight, but Lap Dog was in rare form this morning.  Now, YHC was not perfect by any means….but to pick someone that the cold would have been affecting the most…it was this guy.  After Sweet Tart was talking smack, he was out to prove him wrong.  So he had a wide open shot miss by three feet and a throw straight to a defender on another shot.  This lead to Pothole ribbing him by saying “You wanted redemption!”  Actually, it is probably just being rusty as he recently killed a marathon in Disney (as did Pebbles…we miss you).
  4. No real issues between Double Fault and Cheddar with them being on the same team.  Will have to fix the count for teams next time.
  5. A ton of “great hands moments” out there in the cold this morning.  Penny Stock, Pothole, Steel Toe and even Watergate had some great catches.

Time was up at 6.  Would have rather finished with the high note with a goal being scored, but settled to wrap things up on a missed shot.


FNG – Gary Glover – From Lancaster, married his middle school sweetheart –> Puppy Love

Prayers – Dear Diary, girl on Booster and YHC t-ball team with leukemia, McChicken with two people battling sickness in his church.

Futbol next week at River Bluff and we need a Q!!!


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