• When: 2020-01-30
  • QIC: Ebert
  • The PAX: Finch, Harp(R),Honeybun(R),AWOL(R),Katniss (R),Deadstick (Rx2), Ebert,Emmy, Brainiac, Hoboken

Sausage Factory AMRAP 2.0

Conditions coldish




No warm up ,no time the AMRAP calls. Mosey out back and down the BBStairs. This workout moves through 12 stations with exercises perform 10 reps to begin with each exercise. When not exercising you are running around the track to the next station some stations are grouped together. When you return to the station you began with you add one additional rep each time. So 10, 11, 12, 13 and so on. There is no sled pull or drag at this location so we inserted the big boys stairs approximately 85 or so steps up. The stations are as follows and in no particular order. Merkin, battle rope slams, kettleblock swing, block thrusters, Big Boy stairs, Big Boy sit ups, giant Tire flips, Sledgehammer Blows, Pull-Ups, bear crawl up stairs, Burpee broad jumps across a prescribed length of sidewalk, crawl bear back down the stairs, return to the Merkin station. The Pax may start at any station. This is a tough workout or as tough as you make it. Anyone walking away from this feeling like it was too easy or soft has no one to blame but themselves. Did you run fast enough between stations? Did you bust out all the repetitions and with as near perfect form as possible? Did you run the big boys stairs or simply walk them? Did you give it all you got on Burpee broad jumps? This workout will definitely push your lactic threshold.

After 45 minutes everyone pitches in cleans up the blocks battle ropes and cones and does one final Mosey up the big boys stairs and back to the shovel flag.

Great work fellas. Snake pit has a lot of respect Pax. Continue to reach out to men around you let’s try to get some new faces out there at the pit.

Count o rama and name o rama 


Trash pick up feb 8th see Brainiac for details 

Dam2Dam feb 15th 


Katniss’s mom 

Finch’s grandfather 97yrs old /health

Honeybuns wife continued healing 

Saluda students killed and injured 


Bring It!

“Peace I leave with you: my peace I give you. I do not give you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

Bring it! That’s macho talk for “Game on”, “Let’s do this thing,” “Let’s rock and roll baby.”  You get the picture.

On the other side of all this pea cocking is the severity of reality. Once the talking stops, the action starts, the truth is told and some men prove themselves. One rises above and the other is humiliated.

God does not ask you to take risks for Him without assurance or to believe in him without real evidence. He indwells, inhabits, and infuses God’s Man with an inner witness that substantiates your commitment to Christ in compelling and bold, seemingly incongruent, stands for Christ. God’s most powerful witness to us is in a hostel world.

The world gives peace in the presence of comfort and in the absence of hardship or hostilities. You’ve seen the commercial: two people on a white sandy beach as they sip beer to the sounds of the sleepy ocean tide. That’s how the world brings peace. The defining marker is the absence of conflict.


The Holy Spirit, by contrast, brings peace in the midst of conflict, distress and persecution.  It simply doesn’t make sense for the Comforter to bring that kind of peace, that peace comes naturally. In a strange way, the more uncomfortable a circumstance or the risk for God, the more profoundly one experiences the peace that comes from the Holy Spirit.


Father, thank you for the peace you promised. Make me aware of it.

*Every man Ministries 


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