• When: 2020-02-01
  • QIC: Tater
  • The PAX: Little Giants, 7-11, Voltron(r), Boo(r), Sunday Driver, Globogym, Pickaxe, Hammer, Hatchet, Quisenberry, Pine Tar, Wapner, Joe Pa, Canseco, Tater

Dry Saturday

15 pax posted at Turning Point on a moist Saturday morning.
YHC was originally concerned that there would only be 2 pax for the workout, but with about 2 minutes to spare, the pax came rolling in. YHC did not want to disappoint the pax who rolled out of bed on Saturday morning to get better. YHC announced after the disclaimer that he would keep the pax dry.
Weather-40 degrees, moist.
1 minute warning

The Thang

Mosey around the parking lot, working toward the back parking lot, stopping periodically to do the exercises below.
SSH x 12 IC
TTT x 14 IC
IWx14 IC
LBAC x 14 IC
LBAC(r) x 14 IC
Morrocan Night Club x 14 IC
Michael Phelps x 14 OYO
Imperial Squalker x 10 IC (Quisenberry assisted with the count)
Mountain Climber x 14 IC
T Plank Merkin x 5 each side OYO

Line up in the back parking lot.
Burpee broad jump to the other end of the parking lot. Plank for the 6.
Mosey to the back covered area.
Wall sit for the six.
Power side straddle hops x 10 OYO.
Wall sit(arms up, out, etc to keep it interesting)
Power Side straddle hops x 10 IC (Quisenberry counted)
Mosey to the big planter.
Plank on the planter.
Rotate 14 steps to the right.
5 merkins
Rotate 14 steps to the left
10 merkins
Back to the right
15 merkins
Back to the left
20 merkins
Back to the right and left for 5-10-15 power merkins(at full extension, hands leave the planter and clap)
Wall sit on the planter
20 power merkins.
Mosey back to the back lot.
5 T plank merkins each side OYO
Line up on the curb by the fence.
Calf raises OYO x 20-straight, toes out, toes in, straight again.
Line up in the oval.
Power skip to the other oval.
Broad Jump back.
Back pedal to the other oval.
Penguin walk to the next line
1 merkin
Bear Crawl to the next line
2 merkins
Bunny Hop to the 3rd line
3 merkins
Crab Walk to the 4th line
4 merkins
Penguin Walk
5 merkins
Bear Crawl
6 merkins
Bunny Hop
7 merkins
Crab Crawl
8 merkins
Wapner Walk
9 merkins
Bunny Hop
10 squats
Penguin Walk
10 merkins

Mosey to the front covered area.
Wall sit for the 6.
LBC x 20 IC
Heel Touch x 20 IC
Swanson’s each side OYO
5 burpees

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, COT.
Tread 1 year tomorrow
The Forge at Salsaritas 6:50-7:30
Dam to Dam 2/15/2020

Prayer Requests
Dear Diary-home
Molly Shealy
Pocahontas’ 2.0
Quisenberry’s co-worker

Excerpt from The Pleasure of His Company. By Dutch Sheets
2 Corinthians 4:3-4 and 1 Corinthians 2:6-10 are quoted.

• Wapner is back and has a lot to say.
• T Claps to Quisenberry for help on the Sqwalker IC count.
• T Claps to Globogym for mumblechattering Wapner.
• As far as YHC knows, no Cansecos were harmed during this workout.
• T Claps to 7-11 and Voltron to going to the long run after this workout. #Beastmode

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