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Dark, and Wet

18 men gathered at Seven Oaks Park on Tuesday morning and the shovel flag was staked. Neck Brace stepped up for his first-time Q and led the pax through the darkness on an early morning, shoulder-killing downPAINment.

Conditions: 62 degrees and clear

The Thang:

Meet at Flag
Warm up jog to football field
Circle up at midfield

Merkins x 10
Flutterkicks x 30
Squats x 20
Shoulder lateral raises x 30

Mosey to one side of field

30 sec Side Straddle Hop
60 sec Little Baby Crunch
30 sec Side Straddle Hop
60 sec Little Baby Crunch

30 sec Jump Squats
60 sec Low Plank
30 sec Jump Squats
60 sec Plank

30 sec Merkin
60 sec 6 inches (rabbit drills)
30 sec Merkin
60 sec 6 inches

Mosey to other side of field

Shuttles to the 40 (6 min)
Carolina Drydock (15 reps)
Supermans (20 reps)
Shoulder Circles (20 backwards and 20 forwards)
Run to the 40 and back

Mosey to Heartbreak Ridge

Up/Down Hill
Merkins x 10
Up Hill

All out run to Finish


Ball of Man — closing prayer led by Neck Brace

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • Solid first Q by Neck Brace! Well prepared with both workout and cadence. Preparation and practice make such a huge difference for the enjoyment of the workout. My shoulders will be burning by this afternoon.
  • Great crowd this morning — 18 is a mid-week record at #Strut. Keep up the good work!
  • I was pretty impressed by the guys this morning — lots of chatter and they just wouldn’t quit.
  • Leave it to the risk manager to bring a flashlight to the gloom. Seven Oaks Park is pretty dark, and it’s a good thing Alter Boy brought a flashlight or Neck Brace might not have been able to read his workout. #24PointArialBold works best. #FutureReference. When it gets darker in the winter, headlamps may be in order #notjoking
  • With the lack of rain in the past week, I was not prepared for the wetness of the football field. I guess it was dew, but it could have been sprinkler. Whatever it was, it was wet and a little chilly. #YouOnlyGetWetOnce
  • Keep Pedro in your thoughts and prayers — he is in California fighting the RIM Fire.
  • Blockhead is interested in a Monday/Wednesday/Friday group run similar to what we do downtown with #Amble. Stand up and be counted if you’d like to participate with that.


  • We have a waiting list for the Fall Mud Run. The Columbia region has 6 teams, and F3Nation has about 60. If you want to do the Mud Run, it’s not too late. Get on the waiting list and we will do our best to find a spot for you.
  • Alter Boy and Uno are working on a golf outing for October 10. Looks like it will be at Cobblestone and cost $45.


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  1. And another First Time Q for Thursday. Enter Fiji. And I’m quite certain this workout won’t be a relaxing day on the beach.

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