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It's Football Season Cesspool Style…..

Sixteen faithful from all of Columbia F3 converged on a perfect Monday to start the first week of college football.  Hallelujah!  Cesspool was the Q and he had nothing but football on his mind.  Including cones, a football, and a whistle….. 

Conditions:  63 and what seemed like no humidity.  Is this really August in ColaTown? 

The Thang: 

SSH  – 56 (4ct) Yes, that number is correct.  For Over/Under of USC vs. UNC

The Q then threw the football to one PAX and they were responsible for calling the next exercise.  Notice the 7’s

7              Merkins (4 ct) Roscoe

14           Freddie Mercury (4 ct) Linoleum

21           Squats (4 ct) Noodle

28           Flutter Kicks (4 ct) Heartbreaker

35           Jump Squats Kim Jung (crowd pleaser) 

Mosey to practice field for shuttle runs

7              21 yd shuttle runs (14 – 2 count Merkins between)

7              21 yd lunge walks (14 LBC’s between.  Another crowd pleaser)

7              21 yd shuttle run (14 – 1 count Imperial Walkers between) 

Mosey to the wall

7              35 second wall squats with 21 second breaks 

Walk to the trees and run back to the wall

3              14 – 4 Count Single calf raises 

Walk to the trees and run mosey back to the practice field

3              21 yd shuttle runs (boat/Superman between) 

Finish with a 40 yd dash 


Ball of Man Led by Cesspool 


-Great workout by Cesspool.  Great football theme with throwing the ball to PAX to pick workout.  YHC thought at one point we were going to break into “bull in the ring” with the football theme.

-The whistle was a great touch.  Cesspool looked right at home with a whistle around his neck and yelling instructions to the PAX.  This is where The Citadel really came back to him…

-Good turnout for a Monday workout.  Lots of familiar faces said they wanted to start the week off right with a good tough workout and that’s exactly what they got.

-The 7 sets of 35 second wall squats and 3 sets of 14 second calf raises were brutal.  This day was a serious leg work day.

-HappyHourHumpDay this Wednesday.  5:30 Flying Saucer

-Next Q up.  Linoleum has his virgin Q September 9.

-Welcome back Stoner.  Good to see you.  Starting to be a Monday regular…






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  1. Great workout this morning. Between the neverending lunge walks and the calf raises, Fatback is in desperate need of his couch tonight.

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