• When: 11/24/12
  • QIC: by committee
  • The PAX: Tahj, Logo, Roscoe, Beemer (FNG Scott Gambrell), Cutler, Nap (FNG JP Lee and War Baby), Nails (FNG Rusty Miller and War Daddy), Sway

Goodbye, Sweet Potatoes

A Pax of eight arose to greet the crisp and glorious Columbia dawn for a cardio burn off of the turkey and dressing.  No gloom today, men, when the shovel flag was planted at Dreher High School. Not a cloud in the sky as the sun came up to brighten the field of pain, and Mary was waiting at the end, dress swaying while she danced with the radio playing.

The Thang:

Warmup jog around the school.

COP: Emperial Walkers x21, SSH x30, 7-7-7 Merkins, LBC x16

50yd sprint, 50 yd karaoke

Ark Loader: 25yd lunge walk, 25 yd backward run x2, bear crawl, crab walk, bunny hops over planking pax x2

Jog to parking lot. Line hops, log jumps, high knees, shuffle touches, George Rogers

Indian run to Hollywood Squares. Cyclone merkins x15, dips x15, jump ups x10, step ups x10 each way. People’s Chair plus squats x10, twice.

6 Minutes if Mary: LBC, Oblique crunches L and R, Freddie Mercury, Hello Dolly, Rosalita, Boat/Canoe x4, CDD x10

Mosey to big tire. 3-man tire flips x5, plank while waiting, 3 sets

Jog back to Hollywood Squares, end.



A lively group dedicated time to the Second F at Lizard’s Thicket on Beltline and discovered there actually are smart options, just not all on the menu.


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