• When: 12/11/2015
  • QIC: Bundy
  • The PAX: OC, Fannie, Driveby, Bundy, Stent, Polo, Gump, Promo, Windy, Gypsy

Bundy Leads First Ever #Ramble Time Trial

Just a few weeks in to his #f3columbia career  YHC tapped Bundy to take the reigns for a Friday edition of Ramble. Right out of the gate he breathed some fresh air into our group by leading a new event that I’m sure will become a regular event at Ramble. The one mile time trial. The event that all runners can use to evaluate and measure their running prowess and their continued improvement.

It all stated with a 2 mile warm up together.  Then the 1 mile trial and a 1 mile cool down.


Wheat and King. Run down Wheat. Left on Queen. Left on Burney. Left on king. Back to Wheat.


Bundy. 5:08

Windy  5:46

Gump 5:50

Gypsy 5:56

Polo 6:00

Fannie 6:07

Stent. 6:11

Promo 6:26

OC 6:35

DriveBy 6:55


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