• When: 11/14/2015
  • QIC: Splinter, Collar
  • The PAX: Chopshop, Hawg, Cesspool, Misfire

Battle Report: 100% Smoked

6 Pax reported for work this morning at Battle volunteering to experience pain. Something is wrong with these guys. This is not normal human behavior.

Conditions: 38 degrees, frosty

The Thang

Run to the Circle of Death
20 Burpees

Run to Battle Loop
4-4-4 Circuits x4
4 Wide Merkins
4 Regular Merkins
4 Diamond Merkins
4 Catcher Squats
4 Squat Jumps
4 Jump Lunges each leg
4 Wide Overhand Pull-ups
4 Underhand Pull-ups
4 Overhand Close Grip Pull-ups

Run to COD
20 Burpees
Ab Circuit – feet stay off the ground
6 inches
In and Outs (knees to chest) 10 IC
45 degree hold
Flutter Kicks 10 IC
6 inches
Russian Twist 20 IC
6 inches
In and Outs (knees to chest) 10 IC
45 degree hold
Flutter Kicks 10 IC
6 inches
Russian Twist 20 IC

Sprints – 55 yards, jog back down

Run to football field for tackling sled work:

Push the sled 20 yards and pass to the next man. While waiting do burpees. Each man do 2 sets of 20yds per round.

Second round of sled drives w/ monkey humpers

Third round of sled drives w/ rabbit burpees

Run to the wall for 10 derkins at 45 degrees, 10 at 60 degrees, & 10 at 90
Rinse and repeat

Ab work Countdown
10 reps each down to 1 rep
BBS, V-ups, and Russian Twists

Jail break back to COT

BOM: Collar

Battle is purposefully different. That was the reason for its’ creation. Some of us wanted to see what F3 could be like if we took the gloves off, so to speak, and Battle began. Not to put down any other AO, honestly we all do good work. But when you remove the conscientious limitations of what can be done at a workout, when it is deliberately no holds barred, something really cool happens. Men, for the most part, rise to challenge and get through it. It’s an awesome thing to see every weekend. If you haven’t tried Battle, you owe it to yourself to see what you can do.

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