• When: 06/03/2017
  • QIC: Hawg and Ronda
  • The PAX: Misfire, Staccato, Cornstache, Cesspool, Collar, Splinter, Maytag, Firby, McNugget, Chop Shop

Battle Loop/Circle of Death Combo

Hawg and Ronda had the co-Qs this past Saturday at Battle with a total of 12 PAX.

First up, Hawg sent us through a grueling battle loop:

Grab the bricks and mosey to the Battle loop. Circle up for 40 SSH IC and 4 count 25 FlutterKick IC. Upper body blowout: 10 pull ups, 10 dips, and 20 heel tap sit ups for 3 rounds.

Partner up for the Battle Loop of Fun Crowd Pleaser: 50 ft. partner wheelbarrow, flip flop another 50 ft, then sprint to next instruction, bear crawl 60 ft, sprint to next instruction, crab walk 70 ft, and then sprint to sandbox for 3 rounds of tire serpentine. We finished off last 8 minutes with the Gorilla workout: 20 gorilla squats, gorilla walk 40 ft, 10 gorilla push ups, lateral gorilla walk 40 ft, and  20 King Kongs.

Ronda then took over. I kept the fun going in the Circle of Death (this name isn’t too far off from how we felt afterwards):

We spent the second 30 minutes going through a progressive exercise workout where the first letter of each exercise spelled out the word BATTLE. The first round was B, then BA, then BAT……. and so on. Each exercise was 10 reps. After each round, we ran a short loop. Here were the exercises:

B: Burpees, landed on bricks for a deeper mercan

A: Abs of Steel, one straight-leg big boy on the way back down, lift feet up for a v-up, with the bricks of course

T: Tricep Extensions with the bricks

T: Tempo Squats, a slow deep squat with the bricks

L: Lunges (5 each leg) with the bricks

E: Electric Willies, okay, so I couldn’t come up with an exercise that started with an E. For this workout, I renamed the dive-bomber mercans as Electric Willies.


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