• When: 9/15/2015
  • QIC: Ducky
  • The PAX: Detour, Carpetbagger, Splinter, Sweetness, Chaser, McNugget, Collar, Boo Boo, Chop Shop, RA, Ducky

Back to basics


58 degrees 87% humidity, nearly perfect

The Thang:

After a few consecutive brutal paver arm/shoulder workouts, YHQ thought his core might be getting a little jealous.

Circle up

Start with the classic SSH IC X 30

Imperial Walkers IC X 30

Butt-kickers IC X 30

Lap around the football field

Partner up for modified Dora 1-2-3

100 Burpees

200 Merkins

200 Sit-ups alternating punches

While waiting on the group, 10 Divebombers and plankfest Hi plank, Right arm up, Left arm up, Low plank.

Mosey to playground, split into 3 groups

Group 1, pullups X 10 OYO

Group 2, dips X 30 OYO

Group 3, jump squats X 30 OYO

At least 3 sets were performed by all before YHQ changed it up a little bit

Group 1, iron crosses X 30 OYO

Group 2, wide arm merkins X 30 OYO

Group 3, flutter kicks X 30 OYO

1 set was completed before time was running out to squeeze in the crowdpleaser

Sprint the Ivy Hall Loop (about 2/3 mile) with whatever you got left in the tank.


Great group of guys showed up this morning and gave it their all.

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