• When: 9/15/2015
  • QIC: Minion
  • The PAX: Wingback, Shade Tree, Co-Pay, Twinkle Toes, Rest Stop, Holy Tech

Maybe Super, Probably Stupid

YHC wanted to bring together a few old favorites from past #Legion workouts for a full body Q. The PAX did work this morning. Here’s what we endured.

Conditions: 55 and magnificent


Mosey to center field and circle up

SSH-Burpees x 35 IC (2 burpees for every 5 SSH)

IW x 30 IC

Mountain Climbers x 30 IC

Freedom Twists x 30 IC

Super 21 (all together) #crowdpleaser

– 1 Merkin 1 BBS, 2 Merkins 2 BBS…all the way to 21

– Total of 231 Merkins, 231 BBS

The Thang:

Mosey to the street above the baseball field

The Big Loop (over .5 miles for one lap)

– Front side of loop: 15 Hand Release Merkins; 20 Deep Squats

– Back side of loop: 15 Burpees; 20 V-ups

– AMRAP laps for 18 minutes

Flutter Kicks x 30 iC

Mosey to BBall court

Suicide Sequence

– First series: Suicide, 25 Iron Crosses, Reverse Suicide, 25 Iron Crosses

– Second series: Suicide, 25 Chaser Crunches, Reverse Suicide, 25 Chaser Crunches

– Final Suicide

Mosey back to parking lot


Mudrun sign-ups have been extended

There are 5Ks coming up…somewhere in SC…

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