• When: 09/16/2015
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Ziffel, Co-Pay, Pi, Landshark, Beacon, Skirt, Serena, Grillz, Pipeline

Stumble Brings Home the B(e)acon

Three days after wrapping up an intense weekend of CSAUP, Stumble got back to work with an out & back that featured a welcome home by our best girl #Martha.

Conditions: The BRR weather hitched a ride back to town on one of the vans. You’re welcome.

The Thang:

  • Olde Knight > Galway > Christie > Old Woodlands > Indian Mound (past Lotion’s place where it was too dark to see if his pile of BRR luggage was still sitting on the driveway) > Marthas Glen
  • Turn around at the top of #Martha (or at 20 minutes if you’re taking it easy) and reverse course back to AO (5.2 miles total)
  • If you’re really taking it easy, continue on up Marthas Glen and take Old Woodlands and Olde Knight back to AO (about 3.2 miles total)


BOM, Devo by Pipeline. Inspired by the BRR and by Nehemiah’s account of men from all walks of life pitching in to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls. In the gloom it doesn’t matter what you do for a living or even what your name is–you show up and give your all and help the men to your left and right #getbetter.


  • #TClaps to Beacon for the leadership and organization he brought to making the BRR a smooth experience (we won’t mention those wrong turns Friday morning). He did such a great job that he’s now Columbia’s event Q for the P200. Well done, sir.
  • Also #TClaps to Skirt for putting in another solid outing after being the sole BRR runner to post Monday. The guy is a machine.
  • #LotionWatch is back on. Who will be the first to EH our 12th man back into the gloom? I guarantee the mumblechatter will be 87% awesomer.


  • With the BRR under our belt, Stumble now sets its sights on the Palmetto 200. There’s already a ton of interest, possibly enough to put together a couple of teams. Throw your HC in early and take your pick. Co-Pay HC’d like a month ago. Don’t miss out.
  • Mud Run registration has been extended through October 3. Sign up here today.

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  1. Glad I’m finally on team stumble… oh, and by the way, if someone steps in a bear trap near Old Woodlands… it’s not mine.

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