• When: 2020-12-08
  • QIC: Darla
  • The PAX: Moose, Fools Gold, Pothole, TNT, Speedo, Milkman, Stagecoach, STH, Lumbergh, Laettner

baby, it’s cold outside

“The Thang”:  A major win was achieved by 11 PAX (a few good men) to combat the laziness that silently invades the hearts of men every winter (temp around 30).  Darla led the PAX to victory against this foe with a steady progression of getting the men warmed up, a routine workout, 6 MoM, and a strong finish to CoT.

Warmup/CoP:  After verbatim disclaimer, a group jog around the Depot (guessing about 800 meters) to get the muscles warm. 1st first round of warm up exercises was done in cadence after group jog:   

25 Side-Straddle Hop; 20 Merkins; 20 Imperial Walkers; 10 Forward Arm Circles; 10 Backward Arm Circles

A 2nd group jog around the Depot was done to get the muscles warm for all and any late arrivals.  Arrived back to the starting point, every man retrieved a cinder block.  2nd round of warm up exercises was done (most in cadence): 20 Big Boy Situps; 20 Chest Press; 20 Curls for the Girls

Workout: A walk over to the entrance of Depot would begin the routine workout of the 11’s.  1 Burpee on top of hill, jog down hill (about 50 meters), 10 Merkins on bottom, jog uphill, 2 Burpees, jog downhill, 9 Merkins, and so on…Plank/core exercise until remaining PAX complete. The routine continued with each man carrying a cinder block above head with arms stretched high down the hill (about 50 meters).  Circled up at the bottom, the Q led in cadence: 20 chest press, 20 curls for girls, and 20 squats.  Uphill climb carrying a cinder block above head with arms stretched high to the CoT, the PAX met for 6MoM.

6 MoM: Cooldown with some core exercises: 20 big boys, 20 flutter kicks and rosalitas (in cadence). Cinder blocks put to rest until next time.

Announcements & Prayer.

Verse of the day: Rejoice in hope, patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. (Romans 12:12 ESV) 


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