• When: 2020-02-25
  • QIC: Wally
  • The PAX: Duckie, Leon, Zima, BooBoo, Misfire, Splinter, Gutbomb, Tarek, Garnish, Wally

At least it wasn’t raining

10 PAX ignored the threat of rain to come put in work with YHC this morning.

Conditions: High 50s and slightly muggy

Start off with SSH IC x 25.  We grabbed blocks and moseyed down to the school drop-off/awning area by the parking lot.

The PAX partnered up and partner 1 took the two blocks and did a farmers carry around the parking lot.  If blocks were set down, 5 burpee penalty was done.  In honor of YHC’s upcoming new child, partner 2 did a set of MILES.  10 Mercans, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 lunges(5 each leg), 10 second elbow plank, and 10 sweat angels.

YHC’s plan was to do this for quite some time, but due to some mumblechatter of displeasure from the PAX, YHC modified a bit and cut it off at 3 rounds.

Mosey to the bus loop.  Partner 1 carries block to end of the front of building awning while partner 2 does 10 mercans and 10 squats then swap.  X3

Mosey to playground fence on Satchelford.  Partner 1 runs to the end of Apple’s driveway and back.  Partner 2 does thrusters with the blocks then swap. X3

Mosey to corner of briarfield and do 25 kettle bell swings with the blocks.   Return blocks and head back to COT for 2 minutes of air chair.



Announcements: SMR team with Splinter still needs folks.  Holler at him.

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