• When: 2020-02-25
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Wilson, Shank, Rabbi, Nub, Happy Trees, Belding, Urkel, Puck

Whoa, Black Betty!

YHC was excited that his name was on the Q sheet and was doing some research for songs to do specific exercises to. I started searching and found the four songs that would make the workout. I showed up a little early to get a little bit of running in and Happy Trees was there waiting for someone to talk with. Stay Puff was suppose to show up but you know how that is and Hollywood said he was fighting a cold so I knew he was out. We all gathered around waiting on 5am and I was hoping that Smokehouse’s cheerleader would show up. At 5am it looked like Belding’s Jeep was towing him in so we had ourselves a workout.

We started out with the prayer and I don’t do disclaimers because you don’t get as fit as I am with those. We started off with 10 monkey humpers, 20 SSH, 10 through the tunnels and then 20 LBAC, we started to doing reverse and Urkel and Wilson wouldn’t stop talking, walking to their vehicles, and exchanging clothes so YHC had enough of this nonsense and stopped it and headed to the track. It was a little “damp” on the field so that was a no go. We started at the speaker with the Indian run around the track and stopped once we got back around.  The first song was Ram Jam and stayed in the plank position until they said Bam a lam then did a Merkin. After that song we proceeded to do another Indian Run. We met back at the speaker for Another one bites the dust. Every time you hear dust you do a burpees and run in place. Belding got a little bored with that, so he ran around the circle and Nub’s run turned into a calf exercise it seemed. After that song more layers came off as we proceeded to another Indian run. We got back to the speaker and the next song was Eminem and Rihanna. Every time Eminem came on you did continuous sit ups and when Rihanna was on you were suppose to engage your core. Shank,  and Wilson were talking about this one time at chicken camp and engaged in conversation rather than the workout. We then proceeded to do another Indian Run, by that time Nub and I were ready to push Puck into a muddy puddle because he was sprinting the whole time and we were having trouble keeping up since we are thoroughbreds. Once we got back to the speaker we did Squats to Sally then did another Indian Run. There was still time remaining so they mosied back to the flag and Urkel lead one exercise and then we did Merkins on the curb to the song Thunder.  Shank led a few boat/canoes and time was called.

5K in Richland county for veterans March 7th.

Prayer Request: Continue prayers for the family of Faye Swetlik, Wilson’s Uncle and Grandmother, and Frick Family.

Wilson then worked the camera and we all took a picture for #f3forFaye.

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