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Old Shannon Snake (At least it was supposed to be)

AO: Amble
Q: Dwight
PAX: Dwight, BunkBed, Mud Dawg ( 2nd F), Biggie Smalls, Nails, Oscar
FNGs: None

Stay dry fam
Rain caused some big modifications. Apparently it always rains when Dwight Qs. In typical Amble fashion, no one did the route lol. BunkBed led Dwight astray and took them on a 35-37 min walk thinking the PAX wouldn’t be done till 6:05-6:10. He was very wrong.
F3 Charleston 10 Yr Anniversary 03-11-23
F3 Lexington 9 Yr Anniversary in March
Either bring PB to Swingline or send money to [email protected]
COT: Continued prayers for BunkBed’s and Phlegm’s wives respectively.
COFFETERIA: Saw our girl Stephany at the Flying Biscuit!!!! Nails goes there once a month, don’t ask him about EVs tho. Much talk of rings, rec league tennis and Biggie’s car sales escapades. Good Coffee! Next time Biggie buys Bunk’s breakfast. Ha!

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