• When: 5/19/2017
  • QIC: Noonan
  • The PAX: Fallout, Woody, Detour, Dry Heave, Sketch, Cutler, Double Mint, Thurston, McLovin, Ball Boy, Backdraft, Lt. Dan, Tough Guy, Shocker, Stewardess, Gaston, Collar, Tin Tin, Nard Dog, Biggie Smalls, Furlough, Borat, Michelle, Love Bug, Stent, Fade of Black, Turtle, Fountainhead, Traitor, Subprime, Fannie, Driveby, Paperboy, Double Rub, Huffy, OC, Schweddy, Hot Tub, Cornstache, Trademark, Green Piece, Betamax, RA, Big Time, Improv, Kim Jong, Splinter, Noonan

Amble turns 4

Just a mere 4 years ago a small group of pax came together to form a running group and named it Amble.  Over the years and after a few location changes Amble has been a consistent running group for the men of F3 Columbia.  Even though there have been running groups branch off, Amble is and always will be the first of its kind in Columbia.  If it weren’t for the AO Q’s before me that laid the foundation we never would have had the participation like we had this morning at Dreher.  Thanks to all the pax who came out and represented their respective run groups.  This run group has meant a lot to me over the last three years and will continue to make me a better person week in and week out.  Whether you are taking it nice and easy or setting a PR, Amble has been running these streets since 2013.  I apologize to the Ramblers for prying you away from Starbucks on a Friday.  We just want to make sure you boys get out and see the world a little bit.

Conditions: 68 degrees with just enough humidity 

The Thang:

  • Start out going out the front lot to Millwood and hang a right onto Daly
  • Trot down Daly and turn left onto Bratton
  • Jog it down Bratton and take a left onto Woodrow
  • Take it down Woodrow past Wamble and take a left onto Duncan
  • Go down Duncan and take a left onto Bonham
  • Up Bonham and left onto Devine
  • Take Devine back to Dreher parking lot for a cool 3.5 miles

Great work by all 48 pax in attendance.  Was good seeing so many guys out running the streets of Shandon.

Moleskin: Glad to have guys from the Original Amble run group out in the gloom this morning. It was nice seeing all the pax from several Columbia running groups.  Also was good to have Tough Guy come out and run with us this morning as well.


  • June 16th Ramble will be hosting the Runvergence 5k at Shandon Presbyterian.  Bring your fast shoes
  • July 15th there will be a Bullseye 1/2 Marathon.  If you literally have nothing else better to do, this race is just for you.
  • Mud Run is tomorrow. Good luck to the guys competing and to KJ for manning the beer boat


1 thought on “Amble turns 4”

  1. #YouForgotProwl when you added your tags to this post 😀

    Seriously, hate that Stumble had to miss this. We’ve been really enjoying all the crossover events. Amble Anniversary #5 is on the calendar.

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