• When: 05/17/17
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Skirt, Cinderella, Beacon, SilverBullet, Spurrier, Moana, Co-Pay, Serena, Pipeline, HolyPoker, CapGun, Belding, Pondo

Tour De Hampton Leas, NASCAR Style

13 Pax rose from the comfort of the fart sack to take on YHC’s tour of Hampton Leas. This part of the neighborhood is full of cul de sacs, so we just kept turning left and worked our way all the way down Hampton Leas and all the way back.

Disclaimer and explanation of route:

Right out of AO parking lot onto Olde Knight Pkwy, right onto Galway, right onto Saye Cut, left onto Old Woodlands, right onto Hampton Leas, don’t turn left onto Dean Hall, but then take each of the next two lefts and run all the way to the end and back out of the cul de sacs, and keep turning left back onto Hampton Leas until reaching the dead end of Hampton Leas, turn and take all the cul de sacs on the left on the way out. Turn left back on to Old Woodlands, right onto Saye Cut, left onto Galway, left onto OKP and back to AO parking lot for 4.1 miles of fun.

Moleskin: Good run in a part of the neighborhood we don’t frequent often. YHC appreciates the pax patience.

Awesome Devo by Beacon: Failure makes you better


Bull/Bulls Eye on Monday Run on Memorial Day possibly with cake afterwards

Back to 5:30 starts on Wednesday after Memorial Day.

Prayer Requests for recovery for Foxhole

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