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#Amble Report: Grocery Run

6 Faithful gathered in the gloom for some mileage and a little shopping.  Not that anything is open at the hour but the course charted new territory taking in a lollipop route out to and around Cross Hill Market, home to Whole Foods and other such establishments.  With solid beat downs already behind us this week and an eight mile Governors Cup training run planned for tomorrow morning, the pax settled on comfortable pace and left the cruise control on.

Conditions: Perfect.  64 degrees with 90% humidity.

The Thang:


The route was traditional in its’ loop around Lake Katherine but deviated at the midpoint for a further southerly stretch down Rickenbaker to the single block loop around Cross Hill Market.  All but a couple (YHC included) took in the extra lollipop providing the added 1.5 miles to an otherwise 4 mile lap around the lakes.



  • As most of Amble is now on the Governors Cup training plan, the added miles plus the regular bootcamps are taking their toll.  Injury is always a risk so much was made of the now obvious need for rest.  I’ve had to take such advice and can convey the same to others.  Training is a long term prospect so make sure you’re getting in the miles but doing so with care for your body.


  • The 3rd F biblestudy does still have a seat or two left.  If anyone is interested, contact TB at [email protected].  Meetings are scheduled for alternating Tuesday nights through the next few months at TB’s house, 8:00 PM.
  • If you’re on the Governors Cup list but haven’t registered, please go ahead and do so before the rate goes up at the end of this month.  The discount code and registration instructions are on the Pre-Blast.  Training runs planned for the weekends will also continue to be e-mailed out AND posted as Pre-blasts, such as this weeks 8 mile run, so that everyone can know the plan.
  • One team for the Palmetto 200 has already been formed with a second getting assembled now.  March is a long way out but if you’re interested, we need to go ahead and get a roster together.  Sign up now and show your commitment to F3 and our long term stamp on this state.
  • Amble is making a shift in organizational structure to encourage the pax to take on a leadership role.  If you’re interested in figuring out a run route and leading as Q, please let me know at [email protected].  There’s no better way to step up to the plate than organizing a run.


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  1. Photoshop is a wonderful thing… ‘Just a subtle nudge to F3 Charleston… I’ve posed the Palmetto 200 opportunity to their crew in hopes we can build an F3 Columbia/Charleston team for the spring.

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