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#Amble Report: Famously Hot

August in Columbia is upon us at last.  13 hearty souls arrived in the gloom at KBS shaking out the cobwebs and gazing about bleary eyed as usual.  Something was different, though.  After a summer of relative comfort, Columbia’s starting to live up to its “Famously Hot” reputation.  The suns fury, after several repeat 90+ degree days, has seeped into the asphalt once again making even a 5:45 AM launch a sweltering ordeal.  While technically not particularly hot, the combination of temperature, humidity and mileage made the chosen course feel painfully longer than advertised.

Conditions: 76 Degrees (Air Temperature 5′ above grade, temperature at 2″ above grade was noticeably higher) & 96% Humidity


The double loop 4.5 and 5.5 options were offered up in the opposite direction from the original route created for the “Divergence” #Amble on July 27th.  That meant that all pax started off headed out of KBC down Forest Ridge and Quail toward various options for turning onto Shady Lane.  The most challenging part of the run was the long uphill on Kilbourne from which the 4.5 mile group turned right on Pinemont headed for East Buchanan while the 5.5 mile group trucked it all the way to Devereaux before turning right on Cederwood.  That longer loop then crossed Trenholm from Heatherwood onto West Buchanan looping around and crossing Beltline before meeting up with the 4.5 mile route at Converse.  From there, with only two hills left on Converse, the horses headed for the barn running to the Wofford cut over to Chicora and returning to KBC at the crossing of Trenholm.



  • Strong work today as Fridays keep seeing bigger turnout and the routes keep getting longer.  We’re basically maxing out what can be done in 45 minutes in terms of distance.
  • The heat index hit 102 today in the capital city.  This week’s #SummerFuelChallenge to drink more H2O is a very good idea for all as was reiterated in the COT.  Hydrate fella’s.  #Boucher
  • Reflective gear was again mentioned.  YHC can’t beat the drum too loudly given my own lack of attention to this detail but it needs to be beaten none the less.  The longer our routes become the more often we have to cross major streets or run on busier thoroughfares.  Be Seen.  There are options through the gear store or almost athletic/fitness store around.


  • The AmFibious 5K and Float is going to be big.  Lots of people have voiced their interest and plan to be there… Unfortunately, no one has yet sent me an e-mail or turned in any cash for the shirts or in support of the F3 Foundation.  If you plan on joining us, please let me know at [email protected] or just turn in your $20 to Sway, Mission, Chaser or myself.  The four of us will need your name, nickname and shirt size.  Checkout the Pre-blast if you have any questions
  • The Governors Cup Half Marathon is also getting a lot of attention.  If you’re not confident you’ll be ready for the half, though, there is an 8K option.  The discount still applies if we can get enough people in our group regardless of which race is run.  In either case, we need to know your intentions to register by the end of the month.  Today happens to be 3 months from November 9th, the date of the race.  Today, therefore, would be a  great day to commit and let me know at [email protected] .
  • #Strut at Seven Oaks Park in Irmo is back again tomorrow for round two.  Head out there at 7:00 AM and show some support for our west coast brothers.  Mission has the Q and has promised a hug to any #Brickpile or #Swampfox regular in attendance.
  • The in-town crowd will meet at #Brickpile tomorrow for a guest Q by Dredd.  #ProfessionalBeatDown  2nd F breakfast at Lizards Thicket to follow.


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