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F3 Litchfield Beach

Nine faithful posted at 7am for a beach workout at Litchfield, SC.  Boy Scout from Charlotte convinced his two sons to join him for his birthday workout.  Strong support for the old man from Cub Scout and Anikan!

We started at the Latte Litchfield pkg lot and jogged to beach for warmup in cadence ssh x20, mtn climbers x20, squat x15, imperial walker x15, alt lunge x20, side alt lunge x 12.

Beachwork: 90 yards runs as follows – alt lunge/jog, basketball slides x2, karaoke x2, backpedal x2, bear crawl x2, power skips x2.

Pushorama:  merkins x12, diamond x10, wide x10, ssh x10, decline x10 (repeato with couple less reps. per exercise)

Plank hurdles: line up in plank and last guy hurdles to the end, calling out a new plank variation (two rounds).

Litchfield Inn: split in two groups and alternate btw. bench split jumps and stair runs up 6 flights.

Mary: LBCs X20, lo flutter X15, hello dolly X15, hi flutter X15, rosalita X15, crunchy frog x20, reverse crunch/heels to heaven x 12, J-Lo X15.

Run back to Parking Lot for COT.

Moleskin:  Sun and humidity were killers on the beach and definitely added to the day’s pain.

Congrats on one year of F3 and a happy birthday to Boy Scout – i know you’ll never forget that monotone version of happy birthday from a tired, sweaty pax. Cub Scout and Anikan may have been questioning why they agreed to do this while on vacation, but it was obvious they were not going to quit on their dad for his birthday workout.  Nice work guys.

Raider is the fastest bear crawler i have ever seen, period.

Adrian spends so much time down here at Litchfield, i think he might have to start a chapter!

Thanks everyone for coming to the workout today – have a safe trip back.

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  1. Nice lead this morning Pdiddy and great to be out there with that crew this morning. The rendition of HBTY would not have cut it on “Glee” but was much appreciated!

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