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Strut is on like Donkey Kong

An amazing 34 strong including 9 FNG’s tackled week 2 of the Irmo launch.  These guys are locked and loaded and ready to roll.  They wake up early in Irmo.  I usually screech into the AO (Area of Operations) on two wheels 2 minutes before the launch.  Today I wanted to get in early enough to get a feel for the park.  The Irmo pax started rolling in 30 minutes before the launch and they just kept on coming.  Makes me wonder how much of the fellowship F I have been missing before the workouts.

The Opening COP (Circle of Pain)

  • SSH x25
  • Arm Circles (Forward and Reverse) x20 each
  • Butt Kicks x20
  • Imperial Walker x20
  • Merkins x10
  • High Knees x20
  • LBC’s x10

Ring Run 21

  • Station 1
  • Wide Arm Merkin x7
  • Raise the Roof x7
  • LBC x7
  • Repeat x3
  • Station 2
  • Diamond Merkin x7
  • Raise the Roof x7
  • Sit up x7
  • Repeat x3
  • Station 3
  • Squat x7
  • Rt leg calf raise x7
  • Lt leg calf raise x7
  • Repeat x3
  • Station 4
  • Jungle Bois Squat x18
  • Iron Cross x21

Football Field – Ark Loader:
Sprint across/backward back X2
Karaoke over/back
Bear Crawl
Crab walk

Picnic Shelter of Pain

  • Dips x12
  • Step up 20 rt leg
  • Dips x12
  • Step up x20 lt leg

Heartbreak Ridge

  • Sprint to the top and choose either
  • 7 Pushups/7 Burpees/7 Burpee with High Jump
  • Repeat x2

Mosey back to the Parking Lot for the COT

Prayer by Mission:  Please keep UNO’s sister in your prayers as she recovers from surgery and please keep me in your prayers as I transition into a new job.

We did some nickname training today and the Pax did not disappoint.  They were a quick study and the nicknames rolled.  IT guy at insurance co = Crash (see how they did two things), Extreme sports enthusiast with multiple major injuries = Rehab, Respiratory Therapist = Wheezy, Brain stent salesman = drainpipe.  These guys are sick and quick with the names.

It was also impressive that when guys reached their limit with an exercise… they still did something and without being asked or reminded.  Always remember if you can’t do THE thing then do SOMEthing.  Push yourself till it hurts then keep doing SOMEthing.

It is really amazing what kind of numbers these guys are posting and I am certain that this is going to be one of the more successful F3nation groups in a very short period of time.  I will be back at Strut… guaranteed.

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