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Not In My House

The August dawn broke over 28 faithful Columbia men as Termite began his virgin Q. He apparently believes the bricks at — ummm — the Brickpile don’t get enough attention. His first instruction was “grab two bricks and follow me.” Most of the exercises below were done with bricks in hand.

Conditions: 72 degrees and clear

The Thang:

Warm up/Quick (no pause in between)
Side straddle hop
Calf raises
Carolina dry doc’s
Full plank
Half plank
Rotate plank
[Repeat x2]

Logo Loop/ Brick run
RAise the roof/ Merkin combination
Little brick crunches
Raise the roof/merkin combination
Little brick crunches

(Adger and devereaux)
Flutter Kicks
Russian Twist
Push up with arm extensions

(Next corner/Daly)
Boat canoe with bricks 10
8 count push up, arm raise

30 seconds situps
30 second superman
30 second situps
30 second superman
Hitchhiker/merkin 8 count combination

Step ups

Lower field:
Lunges with bricks up
Crossover, crawling pushups


Ball of Man


  • This was a crowd pleaser. Well done, Termite, on your first — and definitely not last — Q. I’m not sure of the number of reps so let’s just agree on “a whole freaking lot.”
  • Seeker: “Termite is living up to his nickname.” Kim Jung: “I wouldn’t want him in my kitchen either.”
  • Dredd is coming on Saturday with Crotch Rocket and Sleuth. Be at Dreher if you can.
  • Deadline for AmFibious 5K is 8/17.
  • After a “who’s the Q” snafu yesterday/this morning, Robber will be taking over the scheduling duties at The Brickpile. After 9 months, YHC completely supports this move. Thank you for offering, Robber!

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