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A Typical Tuesday

Beano took the helm and delivered a solid, steady no nonsense beatdown.

Conditions: 56 degrees and clear.

The Thang:

Lap around School

SSH x30
Merkins x15
Regular sit-ups x30 OYO
Wide arm Merkins x15
Rocky Sit-ups x30 OYO
8-count Merkins x15
Flutter Kicks x30
CDD x15

Move to Great Wall:
People’s Chair x:60
Squats x15
People’s Chair x :60

Move to Hollywood Squares:
Step ups x20 each leg
Incline Merkins x15

Move to Heartbreakers Brickpile, select block:
Curls x25
Rows x25
Bent lifts x25
Bench press x25
Russian Twist x25
Squats (block on shoulder) x20
Curls x15
Rows x15
Bent lifts x10
Bench Press x 20
Russian Twist x20
Curls x10
Rows x10
Bent lifts x10
Flutter Kicks x40


Ball of Man


  • Sway arrived ready to Q but happily relinquished the duty to Beano. This was not met well by the pax. #mumblechatter
  • It was good to see — and hear — Mission aka Chatterbox. Workouts have been quite without you.
  • Kotters also to Nap returning after injury. A month off will give you a wake up call.
  • Epstein’s Mothers to Chaser and Tajh. Sled receives no such EM.
  • T-Claps to seeker, again, for the excellent work on Saturday re:Get In the Pink/Timbes family honor
  • Anyone who won an award on Saturday and did not pick it up may do so at The Mad Platter on Millwood Ave.
  • Sunday May 19 is the last day to bulk order kettlebells. Most people are getting 30 or 35 pound bells
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the fall USMC Mud Run. Sign up at F3Nation.com (look for the Mud Run link on the front page).

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