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Real Men Wear Pink

40 men of F3 Columbia assembled at Dreher High School for a truly moving Saturday morning in honor of Clay Timbes (M. Woody).

Conditions: 68 degrees, partly cloudy

The Thang:

The Get In The Pink 10K and 5K

Chaser led warmup COP at Dreher.
SSH x25
Lap around school

Mosey across Millwood Ave to the starting line of the race. 3 pax ran 10K, others ran 5K.


  • Clay Timbes (M. Woody) was diagnosed with breast cancer several months ago. She is undergoing chemotherapy, is fighting hard and doing well.
  • To support her, Woody, and their family, F3 Columbia decided to forego the normal Saturday workout to participate in the Get In The Pink races which – coincidentally – were being held literally across the street from our AO.
  • Seeker suggested printing tshirts for our team. Our guys, family, and a few friends ordered shirts, and the proceeds formed the base of a financial contribution to the Save Our Suzy Foundation that supports families dealing with breast cancer.
  • Additional donations were made by the pax, and we presented a check for $1500.00.
  • All of this was a complete surprise to the Timbes family.
  • The shovel flag was staked at the starting line of the 5K. On the way back to the finish, Chaser retrieved it and carried it across the line. It was then shuttled back to others still on the course. It was pretty cool seeing the flag cross the finish so many times.
  • The moment of the day occurred when Woody, Clay, and their girls approached the finish after walking the 5K. The entire F3 contingent joined them for the final 100 yards and crossed the finish amid thunderous applauds from all of the onlookers. It was hard to contain emotions.
  • Hardware – F3 took home a bunch:

Mulch – 1st, Age Division, 10K
Stain – 3rd, Age Division, 10k
Stegman – 1st Overall, Masters Division, 5K
Termite – 2nd, Age Division, 5K
Sub Prime – 1st, Age Division, 5K
Bluegrass – 3rd, Age Division, 5K
Heartbreaker – 1st, Age Division, 5K
Silver Bullet – 3rd, Age Division, 5K
Roscoe – 1st, Age Division, 5K

  • T-claps to all involved, particularly Seeker for coordinating t-shirt orders and donation collections.
  • T-Claps to Spud for completing his first 5K ever.
  • T-Claps to M. Turtle Wax for an outstanding job as race director.
  • An unintended consequence: the obvious solidarity at the finish line created significant curiosity and EH opportunities, including inquiries on Twitter and Facebook. I will not be surprised to see some FNGs as a direct result of this race.

0 thoughts on “Real Men Wear Pink”

  1. I was out of town and hated to miss it, but it looks as if the Capitol City F3 brought their A game to honor Clay and Woody. Good work men.

  2. Nice work F3 Columbia. The Cotswold faithful had a quality discussion at The Map (Third F) this morning about how the Holy Spirit makes its presence known in the world today. Well, here you have it Brothers.

  3. Awesome job, Columbia!

    As a spouse of a survivor who did treatment in 2002, I can tell you that I would have loved to have a team like this behind me back then. The caregiver role is also very tough. The Timbes family is lucky.

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