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Looporama 100 – Professor Tajh, Phd. in Pain

Tajh found out late on Wednesday that he had Thursday’s Q. The result was a workout that surely sounded good in his little tajhy head but came out ROUGH for the 27 Pax including 2 soon to be quivering, scared and deflowered FNGs. All this AND Tajh had to leave about 30 minutes in to make an early conference call and Chaser closed out the game (#WildThing). Much #mumblechatter about Tajh’s #unassing of the workout, especially from Mission, Beano and Roscoe, and allegations that a #Qunass is against the tenets of F3 (or AT LEAST certainly against the spirit of the F3 law).

Conditions: 70 degrees and partly cloudy (100% chance of pain).

The Thang:

Logo’s Loop but with so much pain one forgot immediately that they were on a Loop.

Parking Lot/Millwood: 10 Merkins, 10 Ski Abs (All OYO)

Millwood/Daly: 10 LBC (all heel tap), 10 Burpees

Daly/Michigan 1st Corner: 20 Merkins, 20 Ski Abs

Daly/Michigan 2nd Corner: 20 LBC, 20 Burpees

Deveraux/Daly: 30 Merkins, 30 Ski Abs

Deveraux/Michigan 1st Corner: 30 LBC, 30 Burpees

Deveraux/Michigan 2nd Corner: 40 Merkins, 40 Ski Abs

Deveraux/Adger: 40 LBC, 40 Ski Burpees

(For those keeping score at home that’s 100 of everything. Nice little Thursday.)

Mosey to COP

COP: Flutters x 40, (Tajh #unass, Chaser takes over) Russian Twist x 25, CDD x 20, 6-inches/Protractor x :90, Clap Merkins x 10 (2-count)

Move to Hollywood Squares: Incline Merkins x 15 (4-count), Step ups x 15 each leg, Decline Merkins x10 (2-count)

Move to Little Great Wall: People’s Chair x :90, Wall Plank (feet parallel to ground on wall, plank on hands) x :30

Mosey to Parking lot entrance. SPRINT to COT finish.


Ball of Man led by Chaser


  • The Pax were a mumbling mess after the #smokeshow and creative juices were at a minimum such that FNG Phillips McWilliams went nickname-less. The executive committee has conferred and deemed him “Sheets” which harkens back to this former Infantryman / helicopter pilot / war veteran / current law student’s most mundane former employment selling medical linens to doctor offices. #NicknamesCan’tBeTooComplimentary
  • THIS Sunday May 19 is the last day to bulk order kettlebells. Most people are getting 30 or 35 pound bells. We have ~35 ordered so if you don’t get one you will be in the minority and may find yourself swinging a concrete block with no handle before sunrise one morning instead of a kettlebell. #ReadTheDisclaimer
  • NEXT Saturday May 25 is the last day to sign up for the Fall Mud Run in Sandy Run just outside Columbia. Those Pax that ran the Spring race with Charlotte teams a few weeks ago can tell you about how cool it is to see F3 Nation decend upon, and dominate, the Mud Run. F3Columbia has committed  to 5 teams. You DO NOT want to miss this. We currently know of 3 Columbia teams but we can likely have more than 5 so compile your teams of 5 and have a team captain sign up the team by 5/25 at this link http://f3nation.com/2013/05/02/fall-usmc-mud-run-sign-up/      If you are a single then sign up at the same link as an individual and F3 Nation will get you paired with an F3 team needing members. This is what several of our pax (Mission, Chaser, Wide Right and Woody) did for the Spring race.

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