• When: 10/01/2015
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Chaser, Misfire, Duckie, Detour, Bareback, Garnish, TNT, Sweetness, Club Car, BooBoo, HeeHaw, Myrtle, RA, Slumdog, Turtle, Chopshop, Collar

A Tragic and Powerful Morning at Hammer: This One’s for Officer Alia

BOM before taking off, this one’s for Officer Alia…

Run to Playground
20 Pull-ups, fast run
Meet at The Other Store

25 Flutter Kicks IC

5 wide arm merkins
5 diamond merkins
5 clap merkins

Hard Run to end of Bethel Church Rd, Plank
at Bethel Church UMC
10-1 Countdown
10 Merkins
10 Squats
9 Merkins
9 Squats… until you get to 1-1

Run to Academy Rd, Plank
12 Burpees

Run to Trenholm Rd
5 Mtn Climbers IC
5 Merkins IC

Run to Burnette’s Cleaners down Trenholm
10 Merkins
10 Squats
20 Merkins
20 Squats

Converge with SwampFox Pax in Parking Lot

2 Ranks, Shoulder-to-Shoulder, arm over arm
Lunge March in Cadence to Front Lawn on FAPD/Town Hall

All men kneel and join in guided silent prayer time for Officer Greg Alia, his life, his service, his courage, his sacrifice, his family, wife and young son, and for peace and justice in our community.

Return to Hammer:
Single File Indian Run to Bethel Church UMC
Split into 2 groups

Run Willingham to Brockman Elementary
Run around back of school to Playground
10 Pull-ups
20 Dips

Run up the hill to Bethel Church Rd and onto The Other Store
25 Merkins and Jailbreak back to COT

COT: Remembrances of Greg Alia from TNT
BOM: Turtle

– What an emotional, and powerful morning. YHC may have left out some reps or stops we had along the way in the backblast, but in terms of the workout this thing was full-go out the gate and the Hammer Pax gave a tremendous effort throughout. We covered at least 3 miles with pain stations along the way, and the running pace in between was fast.

– Many thanks to Turtle for prompting us to do something special this morning with so much on hearts and minds for the tragic killing of a local police officer in the line of duty, and for his wife and young son who are now left behind.

– Thanks to Chaser and Misfire who stayed with and motivated some of our newer guys to finish the workout, and finish strong. Great work men.

– Thanks to WOLO ABC 25 for coming out and adding significance to our effort to honor Greg and his family. A cameraman followed the Pax’s every move on camera by car, and gave Turtle the opportunity to speak on our behalf afterward. Look out for coverage tonight on ABC.

Just in: Words from Cassie Alia http://www.wltx.com/story/news/local/2015/10/01/greg-alia-widow-speaks/73138742/

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  1. Thank you F3Columbia for the touching tribute to my fellow officer. I had the honor to be Greg’s Shift Sgt for 3 years while I was on the road. He is the kind of guy that if you had the pick of the litter you would want to pick him. He was a fine, dedicated officer. Our hearts at FAPD are heavy and will be for a while. We will get through this. Again thanks for the tribute.

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