• When: 10/01/15
  • QIC: SisterWife
  • The PAX: Brickpile & SCORE: Ripple, Dusty, Cheesy, First Choice, Roscoe, Joe Hodson - FNG (Dirty Harry), RIP, Pink Eye, JB, Monet, Woody, Radar, FOG, Cousteau, Logo, Two Buck, Wind Mill, Love Bug, Yogi Bear, Pele, Big Time, Dean Wormer, Retread, Neighbor, SW

Strings of Fire for #Brickpile

A week removed from what should have been my Q at #brickpile, YHC opted to stay on campus this morning to run some strings of fire.

Conditions:  Breezy, 70, lower humidity and threat of rain (didn’t rain on the parade, however)


The Thang:

Mosey around DHS to the lower field and circle up


  • SSH – 15 4ct. IC
  • Toe Touches – 15 4ct. IC
  • LBAC forward – 15 4ct. IC
  • LBAC reverse – 15 4ct. IC
  • Imperial Walkers – 25 4ct. IC
  • High Knees – 25 4ct. IC
  • Squats – 25 4ct. IC
  • Flutter Kicks – 25 4ct. IC

Mosey up to the goal line of the upper field

Moment of Silence and Prayer:

Yesterday, our community was rocked by the shear senseless tragedy that befell a young Forest Acres police officer in the line of duty. Greg Alia was a young man, with a young family who was shot and killed at Richland Mall while attempting to apprehend a suspect and keep our neighbors and neighborhood safe. This incident occurred not long after several of our run AOs completed their workouts yesterday and less than 2 miles from the majority of AO locations. I know that many of our brothers have had contact with or at the very least recognized Officer Alia around the area and were devastated to hear the news of his death. YHC did not know Greg personally, but by all accounts he was a dedicated public servant who loved his family.

At 0600, our F3 brothers from #Hammer and #SwampFox converged on the FAPD Headquarters to offer our respects in a moment of silence and prayer for our fallen brother. In solidarity with the rest of F3Columbia this morning, #Brickpile stopped our workout at 0600 to also offer a moment of silence and our prayers for the Alia family and the community.

Much respect, Officer Alia, for doing the hard thing and keeping us safe. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. And, to the family and friends you’ve left behind, may God give you peace and understanding.

Strings of Fire:  (AMRAP – 15 mins)

  • Big Boy Sit Ups – 10 OYO
  • Sprint to other end of the field – 75 yards
  • Burpees – 10 OYO
  • Sprint back

Plank for the 6

Mosey to cage and grab a CMU and line up at the end of the parking lot

Plank for the 6

  • Curls w/CMU – 20 4ct. IC
  • #Cusak down the parking lot – 75 yards
  • Bench presses – 20 4ct. IC
  • Walking curls back down the parking lot
  • Feet in block BBSU – 15 OYO
  • #Cusak down the parking lot
  • Goblet squats – 20 4ct. IC

Leave blocks and head to the gym wall for some people’s chair

  • 60 secs
  • Rest 30 secs
  • 60 secs – arms overhead
  • Rest 30 secs
  • 60 secs – arms out front
  • Rest 30 secs
  • 90 secs – arms overhead (#crowdpleaser)

Pick up CMUs and return to cage

Break to COT


DEVO – Woody


  • Welcome to FNG Dirty Harry. Joe Hodson is a long time resident of Columbia and was EHed by First Choice to join us at the #Brickpile this morning. Joe was born in SW England > Queen of England > Prince William > Prince William’s brother Harry > Harry > Dirty Harry.


  • Sign up for the Mud Run. Registration has been extended to Oct. 3.
  • Cottonmouth is running again on Nov. 7. Check the pre-blast for all of the info

That is all.

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