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A Magnificent Media Morning

62 Columbia men assembled in the early-morning gloom of Dreher High School on Thursday for a #convergence workout. The pax turned out in force, anticipating the return of WIS-TV anchorman Ben Hoover (our own “Ron Burgandy,” in the red above) who wanted to do a story on F3. Sub Prime took the Q for his first time and delivered a beat down worthy of the camera.

Conditions: 75 degrees and partly cloudy (but no rain!)

The Thang:

Warm Up Run (not lap) to Lower Field
COP – Lower Field (Shovel Flags in the Middle)
SSH – 20
Merkins – 10
C-LBC – 20
Merkins – 10
Russian Twist – 20

Move to Tree Line for #BrokenLadder 
Sprint to and From White Pipe
5 Burpees at White Pipe
Rinse and Repeat in Sequence Stopping at 8 Burpees
Upon Completion Plank-a-Rama until all PAX finish

Suicides (using shovel flags as markers)
Out and Back Once (25, 50, 100 yards), Plank until all pax finish, then Flutter kicks x25, merkins x 10
2nd set: Out and Back Twice (25, 50, 100 yards), Plank, Flutters x25, Merkins x10

Run to Brickpile (Bring Flags and place in middle) 
Squats – 8 (4ct) with Blocks
Staggered Arm Merkins – 7 (2ct); switch arms
Sit Ups – 25 OYO
Squats – 8 (4ct) with Blocks
Staggered Arm Merkins – 7 (2ct); switch arms
Flutter Kicks – 25 (4ct)
Russian Twist – 10 (4ct) with bricks
[Rinse and Repeat ]

Arm Flutters with bricks – 20 (4ct side and front)
Curls with blocks – 10 (4ct)
Bench Press with blocks – 15 (4ct) – burnout 10 (2ct)
Curls with blocks – 10 (4ct)



SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST: Please keep the Timbes family in your prayers as Clay has her cancer surgery today. The prognosis is good.


  • This was a very powerful morning with a huge crowd. Thank you to Ben Hoover and his cameraman Roy for the coverage. I hope you got more than you expected.
  • The news story should air some time next week.
  • Solid first Q by SubPrime. Great pace, hard workout, and the incorporation of the #ShovelFlags was well done.
  • The presence of a news crew in the #AO provided some extra motivation. I was particularly impressed by SupPrime’s Merkin form with a camera in his face.
  • Heartbreaker’s Brickpile was completely depleated, forcing several to retrieve kettlebells from their cars.
  • After the workout, Robber and Woody were asked to give interviews. I hope the edit will convey the deep-felt sentiments of these two men — they were awesome.
  • Looking forward to seeing Ron Burgandy at more workouts in the future, and we hope he brings Roy the cameraman with him.


  • Convergence AT CRAYTON on Saturday. Regular time 0700-0800. This will give everyone a chance to check out the new digs.
  • Convergence AT THE STATE HOUSE next Saturday July 20th. Meet at the Trinity Cathedral parking lot (corner of Senate and Marion).
  • Order blue F3 Columbia shirts by this Saturday. Gear Store link here: http://f3.mudgear.com/SC–Columbia_c_30.html
  • The Summer Fuel Challenge continues. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. It’s not to late to start! http://f3nation.com/2013/07/01/2013-summer-fuel-challenge/



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  1. The best is yet to come?…hmmm…let me know the next time you Q Subprime….I am pretty sure that I am on vacation that day…whenever it may be…well done sir!

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