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A Columbia Convergence

45 pax met at Dreher High School for the first ever “convergence” workout in Columbia. Three workouts were represented: Brickpile, SwampFox, and Amble. 5 FNGs were also on hand, though none fully appreciated the momentous occasion. Robber led the downPAINment.

Conditions: 75 degrees and overcast

The Thang:

Warmup run to Heartbreaker’s Brickpile, Grab a Block, mosey to the COP in upper field:

COP: 10×10 Burpees, Every minute on the Minute

After burpees:
15x Curls
10x Overhead Squats
10x Shrugs
10x Decline Merkin
10x Bentover Rows
10x Blasters
15x Benchpress
10x Military Press
10x Triceps

Grab the shovel flags and head out on Logo’sLoop
At Dev + Ager, 5 minute AMRAP (most pax got through about 3 times):
10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 Situps

Jungle Bois lead by Sway: Wide leg squats, 36 reps to honor the jersey number of #Gamecock safety DJ Swearinger

Back to the Upper Field 5 minutes of planking with Windmill

6 Minutes of Mary, dealers choice
Flutter Kicks x25
Freddie Mercury x30, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t remember like LBC, Russian Twists, etc

Move to Great Wall for Peoples Chair

1 minutes AMRAP Burpees


Ball of Man


  • First Columbia convergence, complete with three #ShovelFlags. #TClaps to Chaser and Fountainhead for their excellent work on the two new ones.
  • Robber’s lead was original and spirited. Nice work.
  • Kotters to Queen Bee, Lambchop, and Luke. Glad you’re back.
  • Splinter was a bit taken aback when he joked we should count Russian Twists in Russian and Sway actually did. #AllTheRussianIKnow
  • DHS has painted lines on their practice field, a sure and welcome sign that football season is almost back!
  • DHS has also begun watering their practice fields again, a fact made soakingly clear to the 10 or so pax on that side of the COT when the sprinklers came on.
  • Blue Shirts are available in the gear store — check your email this week for a link. Deadline is July 15.
  • We will have a special convergence on Tuesday 7/9 at DHS. Ron Burgandy is bringing a camera crew. Wear your gear, look sharp.


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