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#Amble Report: #SpeedMonday Football Conditioning Test #110s

9 men left the women and children at home this morning and went looking for dinner in the rainy gloom and converged on KBC for another #SpeedMonday at #Amble.  The Pax found out on arrival that they would be seeing how their conditioning level stacks up against college football players.  The Pax were pleasantly surprised by the results.

Conditions: 70 degrees, light rain easing to no rain.


Warmp-up Mosey from KBC to Crayton parking lot.  (We were going to use the football field but the overnight rain left it with standing water.)

Conditioning Test: Many college football teams use the 110 as a conditioning test.  The test is as follows: 20 x 110 yard sprints for time with 45 seconds rest between each rep.  Many teams break them down into quarters and allow a 90 second break at each quarter.  Several major college programs have their standards posted online and they uniformly have RB/WR/DB 14 seconds, QB/FB/TE/LB 16 seconds, OL/DL 18 seconds.

The Pax completed the 110s in uniform times with Splinter and Twoadays at right around 14 seconds, Fountainhead and Chaser at 16 seconds and the rest of the pax coming in between 16 and 20 seconds per 110.

Cool down Mosey back to KBC.


Ball of Man led by Chaser.


– Great effort this morning.  The 3rd quarter seemed the worst for most guys with the light at the end of the tunnel motivating guys through the 4th quarter. 

– Perfect Amble workout with the pax arriving back at KBC at 6:30 on the dot.

– A few guys felt some twinges as the test wore on.  Make sure to hydrate and stretch today. #TalkingAboutMe #hammy

– Born in the USA 4 mile race on the 4th at 7:43am.  Sign up here: http://www.strictlyrunning.com/born.htm  Several of us will do #SwampFox or #Brickpile bootcamp workout at 5:45 and follow it up with the race. #DoubleDown

– Tomorrow morning get to #Brickpile (Dreher) or #SwampFox (Crayton) from 5:45am to 6:30am for a bootcamp beatdown.  #FullBodyFitness


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  1. Good stuff this morning Chaser. As usual, I hate you during the workout, and thank you when we are done.

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