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Bricks, Slabs and Rain give Pax that #Swampy Feeling

25 pax, including 1 FNG exited their vehicles in drizzly #TheSwamp for a #SwampFox workout led by virgin Q Twoadays that put to good use the heavier-than-normal bricks and new to F3 Columbia “slabs” all in the intermittent heavy rain.

Conditions: 73 degrees with off and on steady to heavy rain.


1/2 School Loop warmup Mosey from COT to Clemson and down #HamburgerHill to the far end of the football field. (1/2 mile)

Each Pax get 2 bricks and 1 slab and line up along the goal line facing #HamburgerHill.

Side Straddle Hop x 20 (4 ct)

Merkin x 10 (4 ct)

Alternating Shoulder Raises w/bricks x 10 (4 ct)

Burpees x 10

Rinse and Repeat x 3

100 yd suicide

Curls w/ slab x 10 (4 ct)

Lunges x 20 (10 ea leg)

Rinse and Repeat x 3

50 yd run at 65%

10 Merkins (2 ct)

50 yd run at 65%

10 x tricep extension w/slab (2 ct)

 Rinse and Repeat x 4

Tabata Intervals 20 second work to 10 second “rest”

4 x 20 sec flutter kick then “rest” at 6 inches for 10 sec 

3 x 20 sec merkin then “rest” in full plank position for 10 sec

4 x 20 sec body squat then “rest” at 90 degree squat for 10 sec

 Circle of Pain – Dealer’s Choice

Twoadays: 15 x Freddie Mercury (4 ct)

Fountainhead: 20 x Russian Twist (4 ct)

Chaser: 30 x low flutter with last 10 at slow count (4 ct)

Mission: Boat/canoe x 4 with 10 second holds

Tahj: Mountain Climbers x 20 (4 ct)

#SwampfoxCleanup (Grab Slab and Two Bricks and jog to pile, stack and 800m run up to COT)


Ball of Man led by Twoadays


– Excellent first Q by Twoadays.  We’ve come to expect such out of all of our resident Combat War Veterans and we’re developing quite a collection (Stain, ConMan, Twoadays, Snuggles, Sheets, I apologize if I’m missing someone).  We appreciate your service gentlemen.

– Twoadays promised a harder workout next time. Tried not to “go overboard” for his virgin Q but I think he’s done with that.  #watchout #Beano?IsThatYou?

– Same ol’ same ol’ on Thursday (4th of July). 5:45AM at #SwampFox for Fountainhead’s virgin bootcamp Q.  Come burn some calories cause you know you’re going to take some in celebrating the 4th.

Speaking of calories…the F3 Summer Fuel Challenge is an F3 wide 6-week clean diet challenge.  This is NOT a fat-guy-get-skinny diet (though I’m sure that will happen for alot of guys) it is a clean diet challenge for everyone.  Whether you have 35% body fat or 5% body fat we can all eat cleaner and see the results.  I can tell the difference every morning depending on if I ate well the night before (light dinner, lots of water) or ate badly (pizza and beer).  I’m in for the challenge as is Sway and many others.  We’ll talk this up.  It starts Monday 7/8.  See this for the deets and list of those committed in the comments section: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/01/2013-summer-fuel-challenge/#comment-14383

– Born in the USA 4 mile road race this Thursday after #SwampFox.  The race starts at 7:43 at the corner of Forest Drive and Trenholm.  You can be headed to your 4th plans by 8:30am. Do #SwampFox, do the race, DO BOTH…but DO SOMETHING.

– Standing F3 lunch at Beltline Lizard’s Thicket at noon on Wednesdays. #April

DEADLINE of 7/15 to order the new batch of F3 Columbia shirts. Fitted or Loose. Order here: http://f3.mudgear.com/SC–Columbia_c_30.html

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