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Heartbreak in the Rain

25 pax thumbed their collective noses at the steady-falling rain in Columbia on Tuesday as Heartbreaker brought some steady-falling pain.

Conditions: 73 and steady rain

The Thang:

Lap around School to Upper Field for COP:

COP (all 4 count unless noted)
Merkins X15
Flutter X41 (1/2 of 82nd)
Imperial Walker X20
Mtn. Climber X20
Wide-arm Merkins X12

Sideline Field Work
Bear Crawl 25 yds
Crab Walk 25 yds
Lunge Walk 25 yds / Sprint 25 yds X2

Incline Merkins X15
Fwd Arm circles X15 bricks
Curls X20 blocks
Rows X20 blocks
Reverse Arm circles X15 bricks
Sit-ups X30 OYO single count
Rocky sit-ups X20 OYO single count
Curls X15 blocks
Rows X15 blocks

Hollywood Squares
Incline Merkins X10
Dips X10
Step-ups X20 each leg

Great Wall
Peoples chair X 60 secs
Jungle bois X18
Peoples chair X 60 secs

Lower Field
75 yds @ 50% pace
15 each single count – Merkins / Sit-ups / Squats
75 yds @ 100% sprint
15 each single count – Merkins / Sit-ups / Squats
75 yds @ 100%
10 each single count – Merkins / Sit-ups / Squats


Ball of Man


  • Nice work by Heartbreaker today!
  • The rain initially felt good. Then it got harder. You can only get so wet, right?
  • The Summer Fuel Challenge begins July 8th. Get ready! Read the comments and posts on F3Nation.com for good hints, support, etc.
  • The royal blue F3 Columbia shirts are available on the website until July 16th.
  • Both #Brickpile and #SwampFox are business as usuall on Thursday. 0545-0630.
  • Many are participating in the July 4th Born In the USA race on Thursday. #DoubleDown opportunity
  • I encourage everyone to take 5 minutes and read the Declaration of Independence between now and July 4th. It’s an annual tradition in my house, and it really brings home the meaning of the holiday. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html



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