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A Barrier Does Not Stop F3

Like the vets in DC, Major Pain did not allow a barrier to get in the way from delivering the pain at Strut today.  28 pax with 1 FNG arrived for the debut Q of Major Pain.  As is common among military folks, adapt, overcome and conquer was the theme when hindered by construction fencing in multiple locations at the park.

Conditions: 63° and 84% humidity

The Thang:

Jog to baseball outfield


  •  SSH X15 IC
  • Imperial Walker X 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers X 15 IC
  • Merkin X 10 IC
  • LBC x 15 IC
  • Plank Jacks x15 IC
  • Overhead Arm Claps X 30 IC

Mosey to center building

  • People’s Chair x 45 sec
  • Balls to the wall x 45 sec
  • People’s Chair x 45 sec

Mosey to football field – Oops, there’s a fence in the way,  Let’s try another baseball field

Line up on foul line

  •  Bear crawl to the light
  • Carolina Drydocks X 10 OYO
  • Leap-frog back
  • Burpies  X 10 OYO
  • Sprint across and back

Circle up for 6 min of Mary

  •  LBC x15 IC
  • Flutter kicks X15 IC
  • Hello Dolly X 10 IC
  • Homer and Marge 10 OYO
  • Low plank 30 sec
  • Right side plank 30 sec
  • Left side plank 30 sec

Mosey to Rock Pile – It’s fenced in also

Heart Break Ridge

  • Sprint up hill
  • Merkin x 5 OYO
  • Sprint down
  • Full sit-ups X 5 OYO
  • Repeat down to 3
  • Recover
  • Rinse and repeat from 3 down to 1

Run to the brick pile

  • Plank on the bricks
  • Left arm up with brick
  • Right arm up with brick
  • Curls w/bricks X 20 IC
  • Raise the roof X 20 IC

Return bricks



  • Good work by all pax following the commands of Major Pain
  • Welcome to our FNG who saw the large contingent of F3 at the USMC MudRun where he was volunteering with the Marine Corps League and sent an email asking what that group is all about.  He joined us for the first boot camp since the MudRun.


  • The Pre-Holiday Fuel Challenge has begun. Here is the pre-blast. A lot of F3Columbia is in on this challenge. It’s not too late to start.
  • Plan to attend (and bring an EH’d friend to) the Birthday convergence on October 26th at Finlay Park. It’ll be huge. T-shirts have arrived for those who’ve ordered them so plan to gear up for the big one year anniversary event.
  • Northeast Big Bang Saturday November 2 at North Springs Park off Clemson Rd.  7-8:00 and a strong Columbia contingent is needed to help get these guys off on the right foot.

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