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A Bad Penny Day

A soggy, humid Dreher High School campus greeted 29 early risers in Columbia on Thursday. Sled and Crawlspace combined duties and pulled off their first Q, a “cone-to-cone” pain station jaunt around the AO. Well done, you two!

Conditions: 72, partly cloudy, wet

The Thang:

Jog around parking lot, go to COP
SSH – 25
Burpees -10
Imperial walker -20
Burpees -10
Skater squats -10 each leg

Move to cone 1 upper parking lot
Suicides -4 lines, burpees -10, suicides -4 lines, front/back line hop -60 seconds

Move to cone 2 lower parking lot
As many reps in 5 minutes -10 Merkins, 15 LBC, 20 Rosalitas

Move to cone 3 in front of school
Lunge walk across sidewalk, at Hollywood Squares, squats with calf raises -20, lunge squats -20 each leg, step ups 10 each leg

Move to cone 4 at lower field
As many reps in 5 minutes -10 wide arm Merkins, 15 LBC, 20 hello dollys

Move to cone 5 at upper field
Burpees -10

Move to line and bear crawl to cone, sprint to next cone


Partner up – Iron Cross -20, switch

-decline Merkins with partner planking -10, switch
-sit-ups -20, switch

Handoff to Beano – Merkins -10, flutters -41, Merkins -10, flutters -41


Ball of Man


  • Sled and Crawlspace dished out a fast moving, sneakily intense full-body workout without doing much running or using the blocks. There was some conversation, which is always good. #mumblechatter
  • Beano made his last post for a while in Columbia. The family is packed up, the movers load today, and they depart for Washington DC tomorrow morning. As previously stated here, we have enjoyed Beano’s influence on the pax and we will miss him, although he has threatened to make a surprise post should he return to the area to visit relatives for holidays. Today, Sled thought it a good idea to turn the Q over to Beano at the end for one last hurrah, and of course and to the dismay of the pax, Beano called his signature “82nd Airborne Flutter Kicks.” The surprise was a crowd pleaser, and one pax commented “It’s like finding a bad penny.”
  • Crawlspace’s “speed skater squats” were interesting. #SuperiorBalanceRequired
  • The WIS story is posted on the F3Nation website. Use the link when EHing potential candidates.
  • Sway — ever-intent on pulling off a #BillyZane — tried again today (unsuccessfully) with a passing runner. His attempt was met with “We should put Sway in charge of Outreach — and Diplomocy” from unknown pax. #IKnowWhoYouAre


  • Convergence at the State House on Saturday. No workouts at any other location. Park at Trinity parking lot corner of Senate and Marion. WLTX will be present to do a story.
  • Many thanks to the pax who yesterday helped move Emily, the new Trinity minister. She was very grateful.
  • Tuesday the 30th: Kettlebell workshop at Brickpile, instructor will be present
  • Monday the 29th: Monday/Wednesday Brickpile bootcamp starts
  • August 3rd: Irmo Big Bang — send in names and emails, and promote to them directly. Good response so far


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