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#SwampFox, Meet Woodleigh Hill

20 solid SwampFoxes entered the gloom this morning for Mulch’s first Q and he did not disappoint.

Conditions: Dark and humid (Don’t know, I forgot to look at the weather this morning.)


COP (circle of pain) in parking lot field
25 side straddle hops
20 body squats
20 merkins (4ct)
25 sit ups OYO

Run down Clemson to Converse to bottom of hill
20 merkins OYO
15 diamond merkins OYO

Run up second Converse hill at 75% speed and down hill at 50% stop at Courtney
40 flutter kicks (4ct)
Protractor 6in,45,90
Toe Touches at 90 (OYO)
20 single merkins (OYO)

Run up Courtney to Woodleigh
20 merkins (OYO)
20 Rocky Balboas (OYO)

Run up Woodleigh to Radcliffe (75%)
10 diamond merkins

Jacobs Ladder up Woodleigh from Radcliffe to Wittering
x 6 with
From 10 squats, 5 merkins at Wittering down to 5 squats, 10 merkins

Run to Converse, stop half way
15 merkins
15 LBC

Run to bottom of Converse hill
Wheelbarrows with partner up hill (each partner does half)

Run 5k pace back to COT (circle of trust)

Ball of Man: Led by Mulch


Great first Q by Mulch.  T-Claps for stepping up to lead. We’re trying to better ourselves and hone our leadership skills through F3 so step up if you’re ready.

Welcome to the workout Lumberjack!
#Convergence at State House this Saturday July 20th. Don’t go to Crayton or Dreher. Park at Senate and Marion streets at 6:50. Beltline Thicket after.

Irmo launches Saturday, August 3rd — promote to your friends in the area, and we will need a handful of guys to go to Irmo that day. Response has been very good so far. You can email them the link to the WIS story. http://f3nation.com/2013/07/17/f3-columbia-story-on-wis-tv/ Great recruiting tool.

Hot Summer Night 5K evening of August 3rd. Register at strictlyrunning.com and wear your gear

– Robber has arranged a kettlebell instructor scheduled at #Brickpile for Tuesday, July 30th. Bring your KB. More to follow.

Monday/Wednesday bootcamp starts July 29th at #Brickpile (Dreher HS). Attend whichever days you like. Roscoe has Q.

– Blue shirts are ordered and will arrive in about 10 days. There is a waiting list order on the F3 Gear Store website — 12 pieces needed to re-order.

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