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#Amble "Upstate" 5K

A new #Amble record 15 pax congregated in the gloom beneath the KBC tower and the SF for a 5K tour of our upstate (that’s South Carolina upstate) colleges by neighborhood street names.  On hand were overnight media stars Robber and Subprime along with a handful of other notables.

Conditions: 79 degrees, 84% humidity


The “Upstate” 5K out-and-back visits some of our most prestigious and defunct colleges and universities… or rather the streets named for them.  From KBC, cross Trenholm Road and enter Chicora Avenue (former women’s college in Greenville that was moved to Columbia in 1915 and merged with a Charlotte school in 1933) and turn right onto Wofford Avenue, home of the Terriers in Spartanburg.  Run Wofford to a left turn on Winthrop Avenue and up the hill to St. Martins at the intersection with Clemson Avenue.  Turning left onto Clemson the 5K extends to the southern-most end of Clemson before turning back around and returning the same route, Clemson to Winthrop to Wofford and Chicora.

COT & BOM: Prayer request for the Fuller family.  Closed out by Cajun


  • Lots of discussion of last night’s F3 Columbia story on WIS-TV.  If you haven’t caught it, the video is on YouTube entitled: Finding the Faith in F3 Columbia T-Claps and a big thank you to F3 RonBurgundy @BenHoover for getting out the word and to SubPrime, Robber and of course Woody for their involvement.  #F3Strong.
  • Great to see Amble taking on a life of its own.  15 pax is big.  EH a few other more.  I think we’ve seen Amble become a great way to ease some people into the F3 community.
  • A specialty Amble T-Shirt was suggested.  If you’re interested, talk to me or to Chaser.  We’d need at least 12 shirts to make it financially viable as well as F3 National approval on the design.

Announcements…Tons of them… to get the list up on the web site, here is the guts of the e-mail that went out yesterday:

  • F3 Lunch at Beltline Lizard’s Thicket at noon every Wednesday (Today).  Great 2ndF opportunity.  #April.
  • Logo’s Rotary Club blood drive Wednesday, July 31st from 10-3 at the CBRE Building, 1333 Main St.
  • Help Emily Hylden (the new Trinity minister) move Wednesday (Today) afternoon.  If you can help, contact Rosco or re-read the F3 e-mail that went around yesterday.
  • #Convergence at State House this Saturday, July 20th. Don’t go to Crayton or Dreher. Park at Senate and Marion streets at 6:50. Beltline Thicket after.
  • Irmo launches Saturday, August 3rd — promote to your friends in the area, and we will need a handful of guys to go to Irmo that day. Response has been very good so far. After tonight, you can email them the link to the WIS story — I think it will be a good recruiting tool.
  • Hot Summer Night 5K evening of August 3rd. #DoubleDown.  Register at strictlyrunning.com and wear your gear.
  • Robber has arranged a kettlebell instructor scheduled at #Brickpile for Tuesday, July 30th. Bring your KB if you have one ‘though a few will be available to borrow that morning. More to follow.
  • Monday/Wednesday bootcamp starts July 29th at #Brickpile (Dreher HS). Attend whichever days you like. Roscoe has Q. #Amble will continue to also meet M/W/F so you have options.
  • Blue shirts are ordered and will arrive in about 10 days. There is a waiting list order on the F3 Gear Store website — 12 pieces needed to re-order.  Check out the MudGear store to get on list.

It’s an honor to be back with you guys.



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  1. Great turnout today. I look forward to the day we have 20+ Amblers out there. If you’re reading this and you don’t come to Amble and you have legs and feet and running shoes and you’re over 25 and you eat food…you’re not doing enough to keep yourself from turning into a fat old man way before your time. Come on out and burn some calories on our bootcamp off days!

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