• When: 2018-10-23
  • QIC: SubPrime
  • The PAX: Costanza, Insanity, Gump, Backdraft, Beads, PopTart, ChainLink, Strudel, WelcomeWeek, Promo, Fountainhead, OC, Oscar, Huffy, Jenny, LongneckJoe (FNG Andrew Hedges), SubPrime

17 tackle 4 ladders at #Thunder

17 #faithful including 1 FNG posted to #Thunder to find YHC waiting with a sub workout in place of Robber.  Without too much time to think through a plan it was decided that ladders were in order.  Costanza announced his plans to attend so naturally several others hopped on board.  Throw in a F’Head devo and this felt #OldSchool.

Conditions – 47 Degrees, calm winds


Depart COT onto King stopping at Wheat:

SSH – 25 (4ct)
Continue left onto Wheat stopping at Terrace Way:
IW – 20 (4ct)
Continue right down Terrace Way stopping at the fork:
Merkins – 12 (OYO)
Continue to the bottom of the hill; cross Blossom and regroup at the base of Hilton hill:
#JacobsLadder # 1:
Run to the top of the hill: Jump Squats x 12; run back to base of hill: Standing Lunge x 12 (count both sides); Rinse & Repeat #AMRAP for 7 Minutes.
Mosey up Blossom stopping at Heidt:
#JacobsLadder # 2:
Run to the top of the hill: Merkins x 12; Run back to base of hill: Carolina Dry Dock x 12; Rinse & Repeat #AMRAP for 7 Minutes.
Mosey up Blossom stopping at Meadow:
#JacobsLadder # 3:
Run to top of hill: Iron Cross x 12 (slow going down); run back to base of hill: Russian Twist x 12 (count 1 side only); Rinse & Repeat #AMRAP for 7 Minutes.
Mosey up Blossom stopping at Queen:
#JacobsJadder # 4:
Run to top of hill: Burpees x 7; Run back to base of hill: Pulse Ups x 12; only 1 time up and down
Mosey across Blossom into the Park; #AYG back to COT
Costanza Call: IW – 15 (4ct)
BOM – Closed out by YHC with prayers for Gump’s family and the Leighton family
Devo – Offered by F’Head – God’s Sovereignty
  • Welcome FNG LongneckJoe!  This man posted to the convergence an hour early only to find out that the workout didn’t begin until 7:00.  He ran with YHC, Wingback, and JarJar and then let JarJar put him through 5 minutes of bootcamp.  Then he left as he couldn’t stay past 7:00.  Thankfully, he posted today to #Thunder to be property named.
  • #Costanza! YHC missed Costanza’s recent appearance at #Thunder so it was nothing short of fantastic posting with him this morning.  A nod was given to Art Vandaly for the final exercise.  I feel a Costanza Q looming….
  • Great devo by F’Head
  • 3.1 Miles covered today along with 482 feet of elevation gain
  • YHC misses “old” F3.  Today had that vibe.  This past Saturday’s #Convergence was great but so many of the faces that make F3 special to me were not there.  I am guilty of sporadic attendance too.  I promise to continue working through that if I can get the other pax to do the same with me.  We need it.


  • Next Tuesday Beads will lead the All Hallows’ Eve workout.  You don’t want to miss this!