• When: 2018-10-23
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Rumble Strip, Secret, Boo Boo

Deck of Cards for Detention

I noticed an empty Q slot mere hours before the workout and something had to be done. Luckily, I had an idea, a sharpie, and a deck of cards. Here’s how it went:

Weather: a bit nipply




Mosey long way around school, stop in covered area for warm up.

15 SSH

10 TTT

10 SSH

10 LBAC F, 10 LBAC R


Mosey over to benches at corner of track and bust out the deck of cards. All face cards have either merkins or squats. Seven other exercises (Monkey humpers, burpees, gas pump, BBSU, lunges, sprints  laps) were randomly assigned to cards in an already shuffled deck. PAX took turns drawing a card and everyone would perform the exercise.

2 lunges (each leg)

7 sprints (up the Principal)


12 merkins

1 monkey humper


11 merkins

10 burpees 😈😈😈

5 lunges

4 burpees

1 gas pump

11 squats

5 monkey humpers

2 laps (around track)

1 sprint (to basketball court)

13 squats

8 sprints (around basketball court)

5 lunges

5 gas pumps

7 laps (around basketball court)

2 monkey humpers

7 monkey humpers

10 gas pumps

6 laps (3 around the track counted as 6)

Mosey long way around the school, through the smell of the dumpster/grease trap, and back to the flag.


11.1.18 – DET Family Dinner / 6 pm / Flight Deck

11.10.18 – Cheech 10k

12.14.18 – Christmas party

Prayer Requests

Thomas Jaco

Great work out there this morning men! Props to Secret, making his third post in as many opportunities!