• When: 01/21/17
  • QIC: Prom & McLovin
  • The PAX: Sinkhole (FNG), Gecko (FNG), Short Circuit (FNG), Berry (FNG), Rocky Top (FNG), Fountainhead, Chaser, Prom, Cornwalis, Neon, Happy Valley, Big Worm, Ruby (#Respect), Tiger Shark (2.0), Cheesesteak, Orange Apron, Speed Bump, Ikea (#Respect), Valdez, Sanford, McBeal, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Mad Hatter (#Respect), Coug, Gepetto, Big Load, McLovin

Second Week in F3 Camden: Monkey Humpers and #2ndF

28 PAX (including 5 FNGs) emerged from the #Fartsack on this beautiful winter morning in search of a way to #GetBetter. Lingering in the #Gloom were the PAX of F3 Blythewood and F3 Columbia, including Prom and YHC, who came ready to offer up their services to the PAX of F3 Camden following a gracious invitation from Polo. It was an honor to lead these former #SadClowns who left it all on the historic grounds of F3 Camden this morning as they each were ready willing and able to #PushTheRock.DisclaimerPart I – PromSSH x 25 (IC)
Squats x 24 (IC)
Burpees x 5 (OYO)Three column Indian Run down Lyttleton Street to elementary school drop off loop, and partner up.Dora (with partner) – with a total number of exercises performed below between both partners.
Partner 1 performs exercises while Partner 2 runs loop. Flapjack until each set of exercises is complete.
75 Merkins
100 Big Boy Sit-ups
125 Squats
Flutter kicks until six arrives.
Flutter kicks x 10 (IC)Three column Indian Run back to Rectory Square.Plank until 6 Arrives, then plank sequence
Low plank
High plank
High plank w/left arm up
High plank w/right arm up
High plank
Part II – McLovinMonkey Humpers x 10 (IC)
Partner Up for #2ndF Circuit
Decline Merkins (Feet on Partner’s Back) x 10 (OYO)
Iron Cross x 15 (OYO)
Fist Bump Merkins x 15 (OYO) (#Crowdpleaser)
Plank until Six Arrives
Gather at entrance to Rectory Square
Partner UpPartner 1 sprints to stop sign and back. Partner 2 does Stationary Lunge. Flapjack x 2.
Partner 1 sprints to stop sign and back. Partner 2 does Monkey Humpers. Flapjack.
Partner 1 sprints to stop sign and back. Partner 2 does Burpees. Flapjack.
Return to Rectory Square and circle up
LBAC Forward x 27 (IC)
Chaser LBCs x 17 (IC)
LBAC Backward x 27 (IC)
Big Boy Sit-ups x 17 (OYO)
SSH x 30 (IC)
V-Ups x 17 (OYO)
Flutter Kicks x 27 (IC)
Hand Release Merkins x 17 (OYO)
Shoulder Press x 27 (IC)
Monkey Humpers x 17 (IC) (#Crowdpleaser)COT/BOM – McLovinMoleskin:• Honored to have Q at F3 Camden this AM. The Fist Bump Merkin was a #Crowdpleaser based on the groans herd from the PAX. Lots of #MumbleChatter especially when the #Monkey Humper made its debut in Kershaw County.
• Welcome 5 FNGs to F3 Nation this morning. Sinkhole owns a foundation repair business. Gecko is a financial advisor. Short Circuit works for Sumter Utilities. Berry (a/k/a Marion Berry) is the former mayor of Camden. Rocky Top is a geologist.
• #LarryBirds were not in short supply this morning as Fountainhead and Valdez did their thing.
• Couple of observations: (1) Monkey Humpers in cadence are particularly unpleasant and (2) Who knew that an 10 year old could outrun Chaser?
• PAX closed with a 27:17 count circuit inspired by Proverbs 27:17, which implores us to sharpen our brothers “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This verse is what we must remind ourselves as we post, as we sweat, and as we #GetBetter alongside our fellow PAX.
• The #Coffeeteria location for F3 Camden has quickly ascended to the top of the list of #Coffeeteria locations in all of F3 South Carolina.Announcements:• F3 Camden Mid-Week workouts begin on January 31, 2017 at 5:30 AM.
• F3 Camden PAX register for USMC Mud Run, which is the F3 Super Bowl.
• F3 Camden PAX join Twitter so you can communicate with your fellow PAX.Aye!McLovin

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